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Many tourists who visit the Maldives make it a point to avoid crowds. While it is difficult to avoid other travellers completely, there are small islands where the tourist rush is much less compared to other places. Feridhoo is one such island. It is a small island that looks like it has been picked out straight from a fairy tale. If Feridhoo is a fairyland then Asaa Feridhoo is the palace that resides in the fairyland. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and a lush forest, Asaa Feridhoo will make your Maldivian vacation magical. 

It’s not all sand and water at Asaa Feridhoo. You just have to wish and all modern amenities will be right in front of you, thanks to the gracious hosts at Asaa. A private beach and barbecue grills are ready for when you want to unwind and party with your loved ones. Are you a morning person? Then you’ll love a sumptuous and fresh breakfast by the shore, courtesy of Asaa Feridhoo. 

Rooms & Facilities

Asaa Feridhoo
Asaa Feridhoo

Asaa Feridhoo is a boutique-styled quaint little property. There are primarily two kinds of rooms available in Asaa Feridhoo. 

Double or Twin room: You can customize the bed size of this room depending on your need. It can accommodate 1 single bed, 1 large double bed or both. The size of the bed would depend on the number of people booking a room. Solo travellers can opt for a single bed. At its maximum capacity, this room can accommodate three people. 

Double or Twin Room with Garden View: This room comes with a view of the pretty garden of the property. The policy of the beds is the same as for the other rooms without a garden view. You can have 1 single bed or 1 large double bed. You can also get both depending on your requirement. 

All the rooms in Assa Feridhoo come with desks and closets for your belongings. There are minibars and snack bars for you to relax in your rooms without a worry in this world. Toiletries and towels come with the rooms as well. There’s a television in the lounge area. With so much to explore outside both during the day and night, you may not even think about the television. Room service is available at all times. 

There’s a coffee house and a restaurant on the property for whenever you want to grab a cup of hot coffee, instead of cold beverages. Also, there’s free WiFi on the property. This means that if you are on a romantic vacation with your partner, you can post as many pictures of you and your boo on social media!

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How to reach

The easiest way to reach Feridhoo is from the Velana International Airport in Male. Feridhoo is around 89 kilometres away from Male. Make note that since the Maldives is made up of a cluster of islands, you cannot travel to Feridhoo by a land vehicle. You’d have to take a ferry or a speedboat. There are three ways to travel by water: ferry, shared speedboats, and private speedboats. 

Ferry: Ferries travel to Feridhoo only around three days a week. They usually leave early morning, so you’d probably have to stay back for a day in Male before taking off for Feridhoo. Most ferries to Feridhoo start from the Villingili Ferry Terminal While ferries are the cheapest way to travel to Feridhoo from Male, they take the longest. It may take you around 5-7 hours to reach Feridhoo by a slow ferry. 

Shared speedboats: Taking a speedboat is a way to travel to Feridhoo from Male. You will direct as well as connecting speedboats to Feridhoo. Shared speedboats to Feridhoo run every day except for Fridays. By speedboat, you can reach the island from Male within 2 hours; although, they are pricier than ferries. 

Private speedboats: Private speedboats are expensive, but they take the least time to reach Feridhoo from Male. Also, there is no additional burden of waiting for other people to join the speedboat. You can travel safely and alone with your loved ones. Private speedboats can start at your convenience, although there are certain times when no passenger vehicles are allowed out to the sea. 

You can also take a shared speedboat to Mathiveri from Male and then switch to a private speedboat from there to Feridhoo. 

Asaa Feridhoo also offers an airport shuttle service at a separate cost. If you want to avoid any hassle of booking tickets and searching for more information about your itinerary, this is the best option for you. This would also be the safer option and ensure that you reach the right place on time to enjoy your vacation. You need to reach out to the hotel staff with your request to be provided shuttle service. Even if you want to travel by yourself, do call the hotel staff. They will be able to guide you through the process of travelling to the island safely. 


Whether you are looking to have loads of fun or enjoy a peaceful vacation, Asaa Feridhoo promises to make your beach vacation a memorable one. There are many activities that you can enjoy at Asaa Feridhoo. If you are travelling with your partner, the hotel also hosts romantic candlelight dinners on the beach for couples. Imagine the waves lapping against the shore, the stars shining brightly up in the sky, and romantic candles surrounding you and the love of your life. 

Feridhoo has a very rich history, and you should explore it while you are there. You can explore the culture of the place by going on a guided tour arranged by Asaa Feridhoo. It takes only 40 minutes to an hour to cover Feridhoo, so you can always come back and unwind on the beach. 

There is a diving site at Feridhoo. Asaa Feridhoo can arrange scuba diving and snorkelling activities for you here. If you want to go sailing, Asaa Feridhoo can help you with that too. 


The check-in time at Asaa starts at 2 in the afternoon and until midnight. You have time to check out until 11 in the morning. While children of all ages are welcome at the property, there are no cots for infants. You can get extra beds for your children, but you will be charged extra for them. 

Credit cards are accepted at Feridhoo, so don’t worry about having to carry a lot of cash. Smoking is not allowed on the property, although there are designated smoking areas. Pets are also not allowed at Asaa Feridhoo. 

Why stay here

Asaa Feridhoo is a place for people who want to find themselves in the magical lap of nature. Feridhoo is a quiet place, so do not expect a lot of disturbances here. Visiting Asaa Feridhoo will show you the real meaning of relaxing and rejuvenating. The best part is that all these come at a very affordable price.

While Asaa has a private beach, the massive Feridhoo beach is also very close to the property. So, you can go and enjoy the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean whenever you want. For picky eaters, vegan and gluten-free food is also available at Asaa Feridhoo. 

If you get in the party mood in the evening, Asaa Feridhoo also arranges for Karaoke. Whether you are with friends or family, you can sing your heart out all you want. The stars will be your audience at Asaa Feridhoo. 

For Reservation Contact:

Asaa, 09060 Feridhoo, Maldives

+91 9932088858

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