Safety Procedures (During COVID-19)

The world has changed and how! Travel in the times of Corona sounds tricky but fret not; we are here for you. The Maldives reopened its borders to tourists of all nationalities on the 15th of July 2020. Owing to its geography, the islands and resorts in the Maldives lie in nature implied self-isolation. As we welcome you to the land of the luxury, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with Covid safety protocols. We are actively monitoring and evolving our services with an absolute focus on the well-being of our guests. We work closely with our partner resorts to ensure the same. Let us walk you through the new definition of Normal in the travel world.

Before you step out -

Pack a COVID-19 safety kit that includes masks, sanitizers, gloves and anti-bacterial wet wipes. Since the information about COVID-19 is ever changing, remember to get regular updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s guidelines and Maldives's official governmental policies ahead of your trip.

When in public spaces -

Airports and airlines are trying their level best to minimize the risks of Covid in. Though intensive cleaning is now a norm, we recommend guests to maintain social distancing. Wear masks at all times in public spaces along with washing/sanitizing your hands at frequent intervals.

When in the Maldives -

If you show symptoms of COVID-19 while in the Maldives, call 1676. Suppose a case of COVID-19 is identified in a resort. In that case, procedures are set in place for the property to work with Maldives' government to ensure the safe return of unaffected tourists to their home country. The government closely monitors and enforces measures to prevent any effective community spread of the virus. TraceEkee is an app that keeps you up to date on new developments on COVID-19 and helps in mitigating the community spread in the Maldives. We suggest that you install the app and let it guide you on ways to protect yourself. 

Trusting the world again is difficult. We understand that.

  • We have a hassle-free cancellation policy.
  • Our guests can raise a refund request based on Covid or other unforeseen circumstances,
  • Only a minimum deposit is required to initiate the booking.
  • Our guests will receive round the clock assistance and support from our customer care, seven days a week.
  • And their very own destination specialist to help 24/7.
  • Our partners are aware of our exacting standards and thus comply with guidelines regarding health and hygiene.
  • At the resort, The resort will ensure that your rooms and the common areas such as elevator, lobby, and restaurants are disinfected thoroughly every day.

Touch hearts, not hands.

Let us plan your travel and be assured that our team has put numerous measures in place to upgrade our hygiene standards and protocols. Your well-being has always been, and always will be, our uttermost concern. We need to take care of each other, now more than ever, as we adapt to living and travelling in the times of Corona. Let's make your vacation a safe one!

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