Dolphin Watching in Maldives

Dolphin Watching in Maldives


A paradise on Earth, the Maldives, with its white sandy beaches, tranquil blue waters, and exquisite corals, is a class apart from the rest of the world. The thriving tourism enables travellers to indulge not only in sightseeing but also in enthralling activities. One of the most sought after activities in the Maldives is Dolphin Watching, and a myriad of resorts offer such excursions for their guests. Why won't they? After all, the Maldives is among the top five destinations for dolphin watching in the world.

Your vacation of a lifetime in a foreign beach destination such as the Maldives would not be complete without a dolphin excursion. Keep your fingers crossed, as spotting dolphins is a matter of sheer luck, and no one can guarantee you otherwise. Though the activity largely depends on the weather and season, do keep a lookout for resorts that give you the best shot at spotting dolphins. Take a dip in the ocean of opportunities, and you may even score a chance to swim with a dolphin. 

When To Visit

Dolphins in the wild are friendly, swift sea-dwellers, so the entire excursion is dependent on them – and the weather. The better the weather conditions, the better are your chances of spotting these friendly fishes! The best time for dolphin watching in the Maldives is the dry season, particularly between January and April.


Timing plays an essential role when it comes to dolphin spotting. The best sightings occur either during the wee morning hours or the afternoon. Afternoons have a higher probability, so it is best to choose your excursion accordingly.

Where to Visit

One of the best dolphin watching spots in the Maldives, Muli Channel in the Meemu Atoll, holds a success rate of 85% year-round. Medhufushi Island Resort and Hakuraa Hura are the only resorts in the atoll. As a consequence, Meemu Atoll is not widely known in the travel community. However, the dolphins here are pretty friendly and often follow the boat and jump high when you applause. Dolphins are amiable and have a great sense of humour too. On days when the weather is better, so are the chances of you spotting dolphins. The water here is relatively shallow, about 10-30 meters, and at some points, one can even see the seafloor making it perfect for watching dolphins. With a unique geographical makeup, Meemu Atoll has an outer reef that protects the atoll's islands, which is a top-rated diving site in itself. Since the ships pass through this channel to visit most islands in the atoll, the consistent flow of current contributes to the clarity and visibility of the water.

Dolphin Cruise

Cruise alongside the ocean's most beloved playful creatures, dolphins, as they leap into the mist-filled air. While some resorts house a large pod of spinner dolphins living right on their doorstep, a dolphin cruise lets you watch these aquatic mammals from the comfort of your yacht. The Maldives offer sunset excursions, as it is the best time to look for the pods of dolphins inhabiting the surrounding waters. On the dolphin cruise, you will be onboard Dhoni, the traditional Maldivian style boats, savouring the imposing sunset view of the Indian Ocean as the dolphins jump and play with the bow and the wake of the boat.

Are you ready to see some dolphins? Let us do it! When in the Maldives, a dolphin cruise is one of the most remarkable experiences. Do you want to miss out on such an incredible opportunity? With us, get the most out of your dolphin cruise! There are three types of dolphin cruises: Daytime dolphin cruises, Sunset dolphin cruises and Private dolphin cruises. Choose the one that suits you best. Take delight in nature's spectacles up close with dolphin watching in the Maldives and create lasting and moving memories for years to come. 

Good To Know

1. Remember to maintain your distance

Maintain a safe distance when you come across a dolphin at all times. The closer you get, the deeper they dive. The best part about Maldivian waters is their translucency and clarity, making it relatively easy for one to spot dolphins or other aquatic creatures. Maintain the given distance and let these lovely dolphins come to you, and you have to play along. 

2. Please do not feed them anything

While some people choose to throw food into the water to attract the dolphins, we urge you not to do the same. Wild dolphins should remain wild, so it is better to keep your hands to yourself.

3. Wear adequate gear

On a dolphin watching tour, remember to carry along proper gear and equipment. We provide life vests, so make sure you have them on. People often bring hats and polarized glasses but note that they can blow off at high speeds, so select ones with straps or snug fit.

4. Inclement weather affects the activity

When bad weather happens to good vacations, we do not intervene. Since the activity largely depends on the weather, it can be adjourned/cancelled if nature does not favour you.

Safety Protocol

COVID-19 has significantly impacted the tourism industry, and travellers like yourself are concerned about safety, precautions and the best path to move forward during this crisis. Here is how we intend to keep you safe-

  1. We provide hand sanitizer to travellers and our staff.
  2. Our high-traffic areas are regularly sanitized.
  3. The gear/equipment are sanitized between uses.
  4. Social distancing is implemented throughout the activity.
  5. Our guides wash their hands frequently and go through regular temperature checks.

The island nation presents to you an array of dolphin and whale watching opportunities. The Maldives finds its place in the top five dolphin watching destinations worldwide. At the same time, its glistening coastline is home to over 20 different species of dolphins and whales. Be it the vibrant Spinner Dolphin and Mighty Blue Whale to the Pilot Whale and Melon-headed Whale; they are all here. Come and delve into some of the mystifying aquatic animals of Maldives that thrive in their natural habitat in the Indian Ocean.

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