How to Reach Maldives

Best Way To Reach Maldives Island

The Maldives is an island nation comprising 1192 islands that stretch along a length of 871 kilometres. It is an idyllic island paradise lifetimes away from the outside world, a place which is pristine, peaceful, and completely unforgettable. When it comes to booking island transfers in the Maldives, a little know-how goes a long way. Arriving in paradise, you want to know precisely how to get to the Maldives' Airport to the resort or local island you have chosen. The last thing a traveller needs on their mind is wasting precious time in paradise, stranded at the Airport or in transit or negotiating with local vendors.

Here's all you need to know about transfers in the Maldives-

Transfer options from the Airport to Malé

Getting from the Airport to Malé City is relatively easy. Visitors can also ask at the Information Counter inside the arrivals hall at the Airport.

There are three options for your choosing-

  • Maldives Public Ferry – A quick 10-minute local ferry journey across the channel from the Airport to Malé which costs roughly 10MVR or an equivalent of less than $1.
  • Bus – The pink bridge bus from the Airport to Malé stops outside Mary Brown Restaurant on the south-west side of Malé and Costs $1.
  • Taxi – Alternatively, tourists can also take a 10-minute private taxi across the Sinámalé China Maldives Friendship Bridge, costing 100 MVR or an equivalent of $7.
Transfer options from the Airport to Malé

How to get from Airport to Hulhumalé island?

Getting from the Airport to Hulhumalé Island is relatively easy. Visitors can also ask at the Information Counter inside the arrivals hall at the Airport. 

There are two options for your choosing-

  • Red Bus – The red bus makes a couple of stops and goes right into Hulhumalé, stopping one road behind the beachfront/central tourist accommodations.
  • Taxi – Taxi Driver in the Maldives usually drop you directly at the hotel and charge 100MVR / $7 for a 10-minute private taxi journey to Hulhumalé Island.
How to get from Airport to Hulhumalé island?

Tips for booking island transfers in Maldives

  • Public ferries or speedboat transfers, operating directly to a particular resort/hotel are not available from the Airport.
  • Keep in mind to always inform the resort of your flight timings, so that they can seamlessly organise your island transfers.
  • We advise you always to check the current public ferries schedules as these are subject to change regularly.
  • All Maldives island transfers are pre-arranged whether you stay at a resort or in a guesthouse on a local island.
  • It is impossible to make a day trip to an island from Malé and return the same day using Maldives public ferries.
  • Maldives public ferries only service local islands and do not go to resort islands.
  • The Private speedboats are not available for transfers from Velana International Airport to a resort island and can levy enormous costs for a short one-way journey.

Tips for staying at a resort when in the Maldives

  • There are limited airport transfer options to travel to resort islands from the Airport: Seaplane, Domestic flight and speedboat. Depending on the international Airport's distance and your holiday budget, you can handpick a location and resort of your choosing and finalise an option.
  • The local Travel Specialists living in the Maldives can advise you on the best island transfer method and the timings and cost. They also help arrange all the transfers on your behalf – often at a discounted rate. To ensure smooth Maldives resort transfers, keep in mind to inform your chosen resort of your international flight arrival time to prevent delays. 
  • When staying at a resort island in the Maldives, it's essential to remember Maldives resort transfers come at an additional cost because of no public ferries / private speedboat services available from the Airport to resort islands Maldives. You will need to book each resort's private speedboat or take domestic flight/seaplanes. 
Tips for staying at a resort when in the Maldives

Seaplane transfers in the Maldives

A seaplane transfer in the Maldives costs roughly $ 400 per person for a short journey and maybe the most picturesque journey you have embarked on in your lifetime. A resort representative is present at the Maldives arrivals hall and helps you get to the seaplane terminal near Velana International Airport to check-in for your flight. Trans Maldivian and Maldivian Airways are the two seaplane airline operators. Some resorts also have their brand of seaplanes to offer.

Seaplane transfers in the Maldives

Domestic flight transfers in the Maldives

Before travelling via a speedboat to your selected resort island as a remainder journey, a domestic flight might be necessary to travel from the International Airport to a local island airport. Remember to book a flight close to your arrival/departure times to/from the Maldives for your convenience. The fares of domestic flights are usually cheaper than a seaplane journey. The fare also includes the speedboat fare which is additionally needed to arrive at your destination finally. It can be more expensive than a speedboat transfer in the Maldives. Fly Me, Maldivian and Manta Air are the three domestic airlines operating in the Maldivian region.

Domestic flight transfers in the Maldives

Speedboat transfers to the resorts

If your selected resort is close to the Airport, we recommend opting for a speedboat transfer. A representative from the resort's Guest Services usually greets you upon your arrival in the Maldives inside the Airport's arrival hall. The visitors are then escorted to the awaiting resort speedboat. No primary ticketing is needed once you have coordinated your flight timings with the resort.

Speedboat transfers to the resorts

Options for guests staying at a local island

The tourists have few options to reach a local island: Speedboat, domestic flight, or a budget alternative which involves opting for a local ferry depending on the distance of the island from Malé. Seaplanes do not operate on local islands. However, a joy flight is arranged, starting at $500 (departing from / returning to the Airport). 

  • Domestic flight transfers

    A domestic flight might be necessary to travel from Velana International Airport to a local island in the Maldives. The Maldives' resorts usually have an airport representative who greets you upon arrival at Malé Airport, further assisting with your domestic flight transfers to the island.

    If the resort does not provide airport meet and greet service, the visitors can walk to the Domestic Terminal, a 2 min walk from the International Terminal. Fly Me, Maldivian and Manta Air are the three domestic airline carriers in the Maldives.

  • Local speedboats

    Speedboats are the most popular method of island transfers for guesthouses and local island hotels. More prominent hotels operate their private speedboats, greeting visitors upon arrival at the Airport. However, most of the hotels usually rely on their local island's public speedboat transfers to transfer guests. The boats run on a daily schedule, and due to the high demand for passengers, tickets need to be pre-booked. The local speedboats are an affordable option compared to private speedboats. The pricing begins from $25 one way on a public boat, whilst a private speedboat transfer can cost roughly five times for a short one-way journey. 

  • Public ferries

    The public ferries of Maldives are a budget traveller's best option when travelling on a budget giving a real insight into the local culture of Maldivian folks. Tickets for public ferries start from $1.5 for a one-way journey. Each ferry makes only one return journey on a typical day, as the ferries operate for local communities to access the mainland. Local ferries' schedule is subject to change depending on weather conditions and usually have a set arrival and departure time from Malé. Unfortunately, this information is not available on the internet. 

The Maldives truly ignites the imagination with adventure to be had, local culture to be explored, and soul-enriching discoveries designed with meaning and purpose. This place is your extraordinary playground; all you need to do is arrive and transform, and indulge in the adventure that stirs within.

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