Wakeboarding in Maldives

Wakeboarding in Maldives


To add to your already amazing vacation in the Maldives, there is one thing that you should definitely include in your travel itinerary. Wakeboarding in Maldives is an extremely popular sport. Imagine dashing through the turquoise waters and riding the wakeboard behind a speed boat. A high on adrenaline experience, right?

If you are holidaying in the Maldives and you are the adventurous type, then wakeboarding is something that is exactly for you. A perfect water sport, just whizz through the calm and azure lagoons of the Maldives and launch yourself into the air at a high speed. Or simply enjoy the warm waves of the Maldivian water. The options to enjoy wakeboarding in the Maldives are many. You can choose to learn and master the basic, intermediate, and more advanced tricks to feel the adrenaline rush. The experienced team of the resort where you are staying will make you feel absolutely comfortable and calm while you master your wakeboarding sessions.

If you want to imagine how standing on a wave would feel, then wakeboarding is your best bet. This enthralling activity will give you a fair idea of that. One of the most sought-after water sports in the Maldives, you have to hold onto a rope while wakeboarding. The most crucial requirement to perform this activity successfully is maintaining a balance. Understand your center of gravity and acquire knowledge about how you can maintain balance. The huge and lavish resorts have their own water sports centers, which have a wide range of equipment available for hire for under and over-water fun activities.

Best time to go for wakeboarding in the Maldives: From April to October

Swimming: Preferred

Approximate cost: USD 70 per head for starter lessons (half an hour); USD 35 per head (for ten minutes)

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