Family fun in the Maldives

Family fun in the Maldives

Finding family-friendly accommodation with Kids' Clubs for the little ones and meal deals in the Maldives is a routine. These range from accessible resorts on Maafushi Island to cosy retreats on a luxury private island of your choice. For those wanting to arrive in style, hop aboard an exclusive seaplane to the Maldives' stunning island resorts. Each region offers its mix of exciting activities. There are a few resorts in the Maldives where the kids would love arriving from a seaplane. It could be a significant highlight of your trip and the best way to reach your destination. Taking off from the pristine Maldivian water is a surreal experience, observing the spectacular blue lagoons, coral atolls, and tiny desert islands from above.

The Maldives is one big playground with incredible wildlife, stunning beaches, and a massive range of adventure activities for families. Learn to dive at an excellent dive spot, discover little critters on the reef or go for an island hopping experience. You can kayak through mangroves, jump on a jet ski, float down rivers on a bamboo raft or make way to hidden waterfalls. Kids would love dolphin cruises when they spot these magnificent creatures and build sandcastles on sandy Maldivian shores.

Maldives' relatively small size means getting around is easy so that you can squeeze more activities into each day if needed. If you wish to spend quality time with your special one to sip fantastic cocktails by the pool - check the kids into your hotel's Kids arena. The staff is proficiently trained, and your kids will be taken care of by the folks. Nanny service can also opt for kids under 5 yrs upon request at many resorts. The clubs are for 3 to 12 years old where the kids can join a fully-supervised Kids Club, equipped with countless outdoor and indoor games, sports, and cultural activities to entertain them. Explore unspoiled nature reserves when you take a holistic voyage to the country's inner and outer beauty. 

Escape to private island resorts of the country, setting the stage to fuel guests' lust for life. Imagine waking up to a wonderland of white-sand beaches, the sound of the waves drumming against the infinity pool, turquoise lagoons and breathtaking reefs. From the moment you step onto this island playground, welcoming infinite days amplified by the only music curator in the Maldives, innovative cocktails, playful guestrooms and delicious cuisines create a cutting-edge lifestyle experience. The Maldives is castaway connected, natural yet designed and welcoming yet secluded. Explore the world beneath the waves, unwind at a pampering Spa or glide with reef sharks in the Maldives' best house reef. The Maldives is sure to ignite an obsessive desire to live it up, soak it in and hit repeat.

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