Water Sports in Maldives

Water sports are sure to add some extra adventure to your vacation in the Maldives. You can discover new underwater sceneries and species. Whether you are travelling alone, with your partner or with the entire family, trying exciting adventure activities is something that most people would agree to do. If you are still doubtful whether this is something for which you should spend your time, effort, and money, then we present here the top water sports in the Maldives that you should try when you are vacationing in the island nation.

Top Water Sports in the Maldives


Ever wanted to know how it feels to stand on a wave? Well, the good news is when you are in the Maldives, you can actually get to experience this. Wakeboarding is counted among the top water sports in Maldives. This enthralling activity involves holding onto a rope while you walk on the water. All you have to do is maintain a balance. It would be really helpful to you if you are able to understand your centre of gravity and maintain balance.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Swimming: Preferred
  • Cost: Around USD 70 per person for starter lessons (half an hour); USD 35 per person (for 10 minutes)

Fun Tubing:

This exciting activity is always a part of the best adventurous water sports activities package in Maldives. As the name suggests, fun tubing is an absolutely fun activity and you should surely try it when you are in this island nation. You are required to get on an inflatable and unpowered tube and it will take you at a very high speed. This is a unique water sport in the Maldives and the best part of it is the bumpy ride that you experience over the water's surface. It can be enjoyed with your travel companions. Wearing water shoes or old sneakers is recommended.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Swimming: Not required
  • Cost: Around USD 130 for 2 people for 20 minutes


Counted among the most adventurous water sports in the Maldives, parasailing is a must-try here. This activity will let you fly like a bird and look at the natural gorgeousness of the place from the sky. You are going to forget all your worries when you will be offered a bird’s eye view of the island nation. You are guaranteed the time of your life when you are in the air tied to a parachute and being towed by a motorboat. Check the weather beforehand and listen to your instructor carefully before going for this activity.

  • Best time: May to October
  • Swimming: Not required
  • Cost: Around USD 90 per person for 10 minutes


A sport like windsurfing offers you the much-needed thrill of surfing in pleasant tropical winds on the waves. Riding through them is a joyful experience for sure. When it comes to the most sought-after adventurous water sports activities package in Maldives, then windsurfing is a preferred activity. Almost all resorts offer this water sport. Picking the right place is very important if you are a beginner.

  • Best time: May to October
  • Swimming: Not required

Water Skiing:

Skiing is not limited to snow-clad mountains only. In the Maldives, you can try your hands at water skiing in its azure waters. While doing it, you can meet dolphins or turtles as well. This water sport is easier than wakeboarding. Go water skiing first, then wakeboarding, and then kneeboarding. In water skiing, you have to use a ski on each leg while gliding over the strong waves. The best time to go for it is from April to October. All resort islands, especially Malé, Ari Atoll, and Hulumalé provide this activity to their guests.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Swimming: Not required
  • Cost: Depending upon the kind of water vehicle chosen, a 20-minute ride per person costs around 70 USD to 185 USD


If you are always ready for an adventure and excited to explore what our wonderful planet has to offer, then snorkelling sounds like a perfect activity for you. While discovering the incredible marine life, you will challenge yourself at so many levels you wouldn’t have even imagined—both physically and mentally. Your underwater experience will boost all your senses and open your eyes to a whole new magical world! That’s why we would suggest you to book a snorkelling slot and go for this wonderful water sport as soon as you can. While vacationing in the Maldives, snorkelling will add some extra adventure to your holidays.

  • Best time: July to September
  • Swimming: Basics (floating and paddling)
  • Cost: Around 85 USD per person for 2 hours

Glass Bottom Boating:

If you are allured by the idea of a see-through kayak but are not willing to put so much effort and just want to sit back and relax while someone else does the hard work, then your best is to go on a glass-bottom boat ride. These special boats have clear glass panelling at the bottom. Thus, you can view the colourful corals and fishes underneath your feet while sitting comfortably. Knowing swimming is not required to do this activity. There are many resorts in the Maldives that offer tour packages including a glass-bottom boat ride with a beach lunch so that you can make the most of your afternoon.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Swimming: Not Required
  • Cost: Around 30 USD

Cost of water sports in the Maldives

Check out the cost of different water sports along with the duration in the Maldives below:

S.No. Water Sport Cost Per Person Time Duration
1. Water Skiing USD 75 20 minutes
2. Wakeboarding USD 70 30 minutes
3. Kneeboarding USD 60 20 minutes
4. Underwater Scooters USD 180 1 hour
5. Stand Up Paddling USD 40 1 hour
6. Snorkeling USD 85 2 hours
7. Glass Bottom Boating USD 30 30 minutes
8. Scuba Diving USD 130-USD 1000 45 minutes
9. Underwater Walking USD 150 30 minutes
10. Windsurfing USD 100 1 hour
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