Snorkelling in Maldives

Snorkelling in Maldives


The Maldives is home to some of the most untouched beaches. The archipelago comprises over 1000 islands. It has the most pristine beaches, pleasant weather, colorful corals, and so many enthralling activities. One of the top things to do is snorkeling in Maldives. Visit Maafushi that is a world-famous island located in the Maldives. An unexplored gem, not everyone knows about this island. It is located around 25 kilometers from Male, the capital city. It is the hub of adventurous water activities and snorkeling is among the most popular ones. You can choose to visit North or South Male as well. If you choose the northern part, then you can visit Huraa Island and Himmafushi Island. On picking South Male, you can visit Maafushi Island and Gulhi Island. Snorkeling is something that you can try anywhere.

Do you know about the splendid oceanic beauty surrounding the tiny cove of Maaya Thila in the Maldives? Well, this is where you should be going for an exciting adventure. The oceanic floor of the Maldivian Coast of Maaya Thila is protected by the Marine Conservation Law. It is home to the most gorgeous marine life that you can experience with your own eyes if you take a plunge into it. While snorkeling in Maaya Thila, the most astonishing thing that you can witness is the stunning marine world.

The fun never stops in the Maldives. Along with being the top destination for chilling and relaxing at a gorgeous beach or in your overwater bungalow, the archipelago is an excellent hub of water sports. Snorkeling is something that you should definitely try here.

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