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Imagine a world of the tropical sun, shimmering sapphire waters and powder-soft sands. This enchanting archipelago has achieved the status of a recognized tropical tourist attraction in recent times. The vast expanses of sand and surf make the Maldives an idyllic retreat in the charming Indian Ocean. That is the Maldives for you, the land of bespoke luxury, gorgeous villas, scenic vistas and everything blue. The Maldives has a reputation as the dreamy holiday destination drawing leisure travellers, families, and newlyweds worldwide. Before you get there, you might want to figure out all the right visa documentation and due to Covid-19, get the extra paperwork out of the way. Entering the Maldives is relatively easy and hassle-free. So here is everything you need to know about the Maldives tourism visa.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is granted for all nationalities on arrival to the Maldives. A person travelling to the Maldives from a foreign nation as a tourist does not require a pre-approval from the immigration department. However, you must meet the basic entry requirements to get clearance upon arrival. The maximum number of days granted for a visa on arrival is 30 days unless agreed by any bilateral means or treaty. This stay period is not for the visitor to claim but lies at the Maldives Immigration discretion to grant any number of days less than or equal to 30.

How do I get a Visa for the Maldives?

The visitors to the Maldives do not require a pre-approval for a tourist visa; A 30-day tourist visa is granted to Indian passport holders with the condition of furnishing certain sets of documents and conditions.

What Visa do I need to visit the Maldives?

As per the visa requirements of the Maldives, you need to apply for a tourist visa for leisurely travel. However, you require applying for a business visa for any official purpose like conference, meeting, seminar, or exhibition.

What is the fee for the Maldives visa? 

The Maldives tourist visa is free of cost for Indian nationals for most intents and purposes. A 30-day tourist visa is handed over to Indian passport holders who meet all requirements at zero cost. However, a nominal fee of ? 3500 can extend up the Visa to 90 days, if you plan on extending your stay in the island nation.

What requirements must be met and which documents should I carry to get the Visa in the Maldives?

Here are the following conditions for a seamless issuance of Maldives tourist Visa-

  • If you had a valid Indian passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of travel/ entry-exit into the Maldives, it would help.
  • A return air-ticket has to be shown at the immigration counter, followed by the Indian counterpart upon commencement of the journey, which acts as proof of return.
  • A hotel or resort booking confirmation as the proof of stay for travel dates to be produced at the immigration.
  • A recently taken passport-sized photo with a white background is required. These photos need to match the photo in the passport.
  • You should have adequate funds to cover all expenses for the duration of the trip. The minimum is considered to be 150 USD per day for a two-person trip.
  • Visitors have to submit the traveller Health Declaration (THD) form electronically via, to be submitted by all travellers travelling to and from the Maldives, within 24 hours before their travel. 
  • If applicable and COVID-19 negative PCR test result, Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate attached while completing Traveler Health Declaration form. The swab sample as per the report has to be taken 96 hours before departure to the Maldives.

What measures should I take in the Maldives?

  • It is a punishable offence to extend your period of stay in the Maldives beyond the number of days granted for the Visa by Immigration department.
  • The visitor shall install and utilize the 'Trace Ekee' Application that aims towards mitigating community spread of COVID-19 in the country through community-driven contact tracing.
  • Visitors are suggested to check their passport for the arrival endorsement and note the number of days granted to stay in the Maldives. The period of stay granted is written on the endorsement in the passport.
  • Once arrived as a tourist, the visitor cannot engage in business, occupation, profession or paid employment while in the Maldives.
  • It would be best to abide by social distancing guidelines in common areas of the resorts and public places.

What are the conditions in which a Tourist visa can be denied in the Maldives?

The immigration division of Maldives has the right to deny entry in some instances and the issuance of a tourist visa is not a fundamental right of the traveller.

  • If the immigration department finds reasonable evidence that documents are falsified, and the furnished documents are not produced and conditions not met.
  • If an individual is found to be disrupting religious or political harmony or suspect a person to intend to disrupt harmony or indulge in illegal activities in the country.

Can visitors extend their Maldives tourist visa? If yes, how?

The authorities consider extension after immigration reassesses the financial position of the applicant for the revised duration of stay. If an extension is considered, the authorities provide it for a maximum of 90 days, including the initial stay days. Visitors can fill up the visa extension application form at the Immigration head office during the work hours in Male, the capital city if they wish to extend the tourist visa. A fee of 750 Maldives Rufiyaa is applicable for tourist visas issued for more than 30 days of stay. 

The thrill of travelling in itself is a fascinating escapade, but Maldives raises the bar really high! The Maldives is an island destination, with year-round tropical weather. Before you plan your Maldives getaway, make sure first to check out our Maldives tour packages. You can also reach our travel expert at ____________ or drop an email here ___________ to know more.

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