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While Marco Polo described the Maldives as the 'Flower of the Indies', Ibn Batuta called it 'One of the wonders of the world' in his chronicles. With unparalleled luxury, spell-binding white sandy beaches and a captivating underwater world, the Maldives is a summer island paradise. Have you ever dreamt about quitting your day job to live and work remotely on an island for the rest of your life? Think of an island far, far away from civilization, dotted with gorgeous villas and palm trees, surrounded by cerulean waters. That is the Maldives for you, the land of bespoke luxury. Unless you traverse the enticing world underneath the vast ocean, you see just one part of the incredible Maldives. Maldives Islands Resorts ensure that you have the time of your life when going on a vacation. Best hotels in Maldives and world-famous beach resorts in Maldives attract plenty of tourists of all int...

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Destination Beach weddings at Maldives
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