Natural Maldives – Where biodiversity and sustainability meet

Natural Maldives – Where biodiversity and sustainability meet

Nature-based tourism is an excellent way to educate people about environmental conservation. Often, the resorts in Maldives present guests with creative ways to help protect the earth's natural assets and incredible wildlife. The Maldives is a proud ambassador of sustainable tourism initiatives, and many hotel operators work closely with leading environmental organisations of the world. There are designated nature reserves in various atolls islands to protect wetlands and mangroves and protect marine areas. About 5% of the global reef area and 250 species of coral activities make way for a memorable holiday in the Maldives.

Given the strictures of travelling to the Maldives, you can do a few things to lessen your carbon footprint and care for the local environment. They are many responsible travellers while in the island nation who enquire firsthand about sustainability initiatives. The tourists can also opt for resorts with excellent sustainability credentials and sustainable icons in their online reviews, usually resorts with their best environmental records. 

The credentials are based on certain factors listed below-

  1. Not using plastic bottles
  2. A comprehensive recycling program
  3. Serving sustainably sourced food menu in their restaurants
  4. Using home-grown food
  5. Using ecological wood for the construction of a building
  6. Conducting environmental education initiatives for the local Maldivian community
  7. Stimulating coral growth on the reef 
  8. Donating money to organisations for offsetting the carbon footprints of tourists

Visitors can always contact the resorts directly before booking and ask them for more information on their environmental record and sustainability initiatives.

Other things for a responsible visitor to the Maldives are as below-

  1. It would help if you took home any plastic bottles or batteries along with you while returning from the island.
  2. One should respect rules about not touching coral when indulging in any water sports in the bay area.
  3. You can also pick up litter on the beach and public areas.
  4. The dining menu is often offered to showcase a breadth of international culinary creativity, blended expertly to present a unique dining experience in most dining venues. 
  5. Tourists must use water and air-conditioning judiciously.
  6. You can avoid imported mineral water and drinking desalinated water at the time of your stay.
  7. Do not replace your towels daily.
  8. It would help if you were not buying souvenirs made from turtle-shells or corals, which can still be found in many places on the island.
  9. Visitors can also take advantage of seasonal produce and fresh meat sourced from the island.

Think of an idyllic tropical island with a vivid green cover, palm trees, and beach villas spread along an endless turquoise lagoon bringing a dream to life, with vast living spaces accentuated with Maldivian interiors. So, go ahead bask in Maldives's inviting views where you make unforgettable memories filled with sunshine, adventure and friendships in the ultimate family destination.

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