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It does not happen quite often, arriving someplace new and feeling at home, almost instantly. At Embudu Village Resort, this happens every day. Whether it is your first visit to Embudu or a sweet revisit in years, you will fit right in. No humdrum of routine urban life, Embudu is the place to switch off your phone, put your feet up, dance with the ocean waves, and sip cocktails while lingering over sunsets. So, get ready to kick start your vacation by kicking off your shoes at the jetty, at Embudu, where life is slow, and the living is comfortable.

God was gracious when he bestowed the island with a beautiful white sandy beach. Recognized for its remarkable house reef and world-class dive sites, Embudu is an idyllic natural hideaway, with a lush green cover and opal white beaches. One can find rays, sharks, turtles, morays and numerous other incredible creatures in the house reef alone. Imagine discovering a place that feels yours instantly. Somewhere simple, nothing extravagant, where there is calm and solace, a place where you could genuinely unwind. Well, we offer just that. The Embudu Village Resort features elegant and snug rooms with two available categories, Beach Bungalows and Water Villas.


Rooms & Facilities


Think classic, whitewashed walls, high ceilings, rustic mahogany furniture, and quality fittings. Our Superior Beach Bungalows are modest yet elegant, and your veranda opens right up to the beach. Think four-poster bed, private deck, spacious, jacuzzi and a glass pane on the floor above the ocean. Our Water Bungalows are warmly designed and set along the island's far end rendering a vast unending stretch of the ocean right across from you. Sleep to the lull of the waves and wake up to spot juvenile sharks through the glass. You can choose either of these or split your stay between the two. Here in the Maldives, we are on the frontline of environment-friendly practices.

We tread carefully on the earth, leaving footprints only on the sand and encourage you to do the same. We take our role as keepers of our delicate island habitat sincerely. The rooftop solar panels heat water for your morning shower, your breakfast fruit (cantaloupe) grows in a nearby island, and a local fisherman catches your lunchtime grill, fresh. Our approach is simple - Buy quality, local and regional ingredients. And then, it is all in the hands of our award-winning chefs.

Along with the necessary amenities such as air-conditioning, tea/coffee-making facilities, free Wi-Fi, a mini-fridge and safe deposit box, Embudu has all the modern comforts needed for a perfect holiday. The theme changes every night at our buffet-style restaurant, and there is plenty to satiate all appetites. From our home-cooked delicacies to our traditional authentic curries, our meals are sure to get your mouth watering. For those craving something extra special, how do our à la carte lobster and steak dinner in the flower garden or at the beach with the sand between your toes sound?

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How to Reach


Paradise is closer than you might think. To be precise, a twenty-minute speedboat ride from Velana International Airport lies in Embudu Village. Upon your arrival at the airport, you will meet our team member waiting to greet you with a warm smile and further guide you to your boat. Embudu Village Resort lies in South Male Atoll amidst pristine beaches and beautiful oceanic vistas. The transfer costs USD 78 per adult, USD 39 per child (3-12 years), and is free for infants (up to 3 years).



Local life on the island is relaxed and revolves around the good things in life: food, family and fishing. Whether it is the traditional Maldivian hook and line method, or deep-sea net fishing, fishing is a fundamental element of local life and a must-try when in the Maldives. We learnt to fish almost as soon as they could walk, so there is no-one better to guide you on how to cast your net! You could also brush up on your kayaking skills and try windsurfing if the wind picks up. Or glide over the lagoon while stand-up paddleboarding. Brimming with life, house reef in Embudu is closer to home, just a short swim from the shore. Daily diving and snorkelling excursions let you explore the depths of the ocean. Take a trip to an island village to immerse yourself in the culture through a slice of history. If you fancy city life for lunchtime, why not pop over to the capital, Male, for souvenir shopping and sightseeing. If you crave something more relaxed, our fully trained therapists offer a wide range of Ayurveda and Asian massages, alongside various beauty regimens. Perfect for soothing weary muscles after a day's swimming, Serena Spa is an expert in the art of relaxation.


  1. Note that our resort is only accessible via speedboat transfer. Guests are required to send arrival and departure flight details to the property at least 48 hours before arrival.

  2. Children of all ages are welcome. Children of 12 years and above are counted as adults at Embudu. The meals for children under two years are free based on the meal-plan accompanied by an adult.

  3. Due to the tax regulation, we charge a mandatory green tax of USD 6 per person.

  4. Kindly carry the same credit card used to secure your booking when checking in / making the hotel's payment. Note that we may contact the cardholder for verification purposes.

  5. Due to privacy concerns, drones by any guests even for recreational uses or hobby, are prohibited.

  6. Honeymoon benefits include a fruit basket, a little bottle of wine and decoration once during the stay.

  7. Pets are not allowed in the Maldives.

  8. Different policies and additional supplements apply while booking more than five rooms.

Why stay here


Did you know that Embudu lies just a boat ride away from some of the country's most breathtaking dive sites? From sea turtles to manta rays and dozens of sharks; get ready to tick a few things off your bucket list! There is a house reef, where you can spend days gaping at the kaleidoscopic oceanic life. Indulge in diving excursions to explore the deeper waters or try your hand in snorkelling, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding and other water sports. Or head to our luxury spa for a rejuvenating massage. The team at Embudu are a family. Our manager Mr Ramsay is a delightful guide, a source of wisdom and above all, a friend to everyone. We know what it is like not to want to leave Embudu island, which is why we never have. Stay here, because it does not get more real than this.

For Reservation Contact:

Embudu Village, Maldives, 20012 South Male Atoll, Maldives

+91 9932088858


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