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Have you ever wondered how wonderful would it be to escape to an island far away from the city and forget about all your worries? Maybe you could sit on a shore and enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean caressing your face. How much fun would it be to build sand castles with your loved ones, and, when you feel like it, take a dip in the warm water? 

Well, this wonderland of yours does exist. Tucked in a corner of the Maldives, Mathiveri Island is exactly what our dreams are made of, and more. What makes Mathiveri special is the big laguna where beach lovers from across the world flock to swim in. To ingratiate you further into the beach life is Sand Inn, a quaint and bright-coloured resort that is there to ensure that you enjoy all things beautiful in life. Located in Chaandhanee Magu, Sands Inn is a beachfront property that is close to stunning beaches like Stingray and Casa Mia Maldives, and Bodufolhudhoo in Mathiveri. 

Rooms & Facilities

Sands Inn
Sands Inn

Since it is a small and boutique-styled hotel, Sands Inn keeps very few rooms. This ensures that the inn is not crowded all the time and guests can enjoy their stay in peace. Sands Inn has primarily two kinds of rooms – Superior rooms and Deluxe rooms. Superior rooms come with a garden view and have large double beds that can accommodate up to three guests. It has a balcony and patio area for you to relax and breathe in the fresh air whenever you want to. 

The Deluxe double room also comes with a large double bed and a patio area but does not have a balcony. What is added as a package with the Deluxe rooms is a free trip to another small island for a picnic. If you are lucky and book on time, you can also add a Manta Sting Ray viewing trip to your room package. Yes, it cannot get better than this. 

Since there are few rooms and the place is hugely popular among travellers who wish for a very relaxing environment, make sure that you book much in advance. Most of the rooms get booked months in advance. 

All the rooms come with air conditioning and free WiFi. You will also get a TV with a streaming service (Netflix), a desk, a tea/coffee maker, a hairdryer, and an electric kettle among other amenities. If you book a superior room, you’ll get access to the executive lounge area in the inn as well. 

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How to reach

The distance from Male to Mathiveri is almost 89 kilometres. Land vehicles cannot travel to Mathiveri straight from Male and the most common vehicles used for transfers are ferries and speedboats. 

Here’s how you can reach Mathiveri: 

  1. Ferries: You can take a ferry from Male to Mathiveri. But there are quite a few limitations to this journey. First, the ferry to Mathiveri runs for just two days a week. Second, since ferries are traditionally slow, it can take you up to 6 hours to reach Mathiveri. The plus point is that it is the cheapest option available. Most ferries start at around 9 in the morning. So, if you time it accordingly (you can stay at Male for a night and take the next day’s ferry) and don’t mind the long journey, you can use the ferry. Please speak to the hotel staff before booking your ferry ticket. They’ll guide you through the right steps. 
  2. Private speedboats: What takes a ferry 6 hours, can be covered by a speedboat within 2 hours. Isn’t that fantastic? Given the speed, these boats, of course, charge higher than regular ferries. There are many private speedboat providers. You should ideally book your private speedboat before you reach Maldives, although you can book on the day of your arrival as well.
  1. Seaplane: Wouldn’t it be fantastic travelling to your resort by seaplane! On a seaplane, from Male, you can reach Mathiveri in just 15 short minutes. The charges are higher than local, but, frankly, the short time is taken it to reach your destination, more than makes up for the cost. Additionally, you get to enjoy an amazing view of the ocean from the sky. 

You’d be delighted to hear that the great hotel staff at Sands Inn also offer an airport shuttle service. So, if you want to avoid any confusion or hassle regarding the journey, just ask the hotel for help. They’ll arrange your entire journey to and from Sands Inn. Please note that there is a separate price attached to this service. 


Over the years, Sands Inn has received many positive reviews for its excellent food and service. Word on the street is that you wouldn’t even want to eat anywhere else once you’ve eaten here. That is great news because we all know how much we have to spend trying to find the right place to eat. Now, isn’t that a convenient deal? The friendly and extremely professional staff ensures that every moment of your stay at Sands Inn is exciting and memorable. They’ll also help you with information about some of the best-kept secrets of Mathiveri. Mathiveri is a small fishing village, so there’s a lot to be explored in this quiet place. Who knows you’ll explore a secret gem, thanks to the kind staff at Sands Inn. 

For those who are planning a romantic vacation, Sands Inn's private beach offers the best background to create memorable times with your partner. Go for a picnic on a sand island or spot manta rays, there are endless reasons why Sand Inn will make your trip a perfect beach vacation. 


The check-in time at Sands Inn is between 2 P.M. and 10 P.M. while the check-out time is 10 A.M. The hotel only accepts cash. Since there are no ATMs in Mathiveri, make sure that you carry enough cash with you. Every place in the village only accepts cash. 

Families can rejoice; there’s no age restriction for children. However, pets are not allowed. 

Why stay here

Staying in Sands Inn will give you a unique opportunity to explore a beautiful paradise that is not yet exposed to the tourist rush. You can enjoy some quiet time with your loved ones, frolic on the shore, and go snorkelling. While Sands Inn offers all the basic amenities of the modern world, it does not take away the quiet and bucolic charm of Mathiveri. If you want to find yourself in the lap of nature, Sands Inn is the place for you.

For Reservation Contact:

Dhullisaage, Chaandhanee Magu, Mathiveri, Maldives

+91 9932088858

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