10 Reasons to Plan your Honeymoon in the Maldives

10 Reasons to Plan your Honeymoon in the Maldives
Date : 02 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

Nothing is more delightful than staring at the stunning sights of the Maldives with the love of your life. The island nation is one of the very few places in the world where the natural habitat of marine life is unaffected by humans. The country boasts of an island necklace of as many as 1200 islands and it is up to you which ones do you want to visit. At this ultimate honeymoon destination, time stands still while you are holding the hand of your better half, soaked in the beauty of this serene coral beauty abode. A honeymoon vacation in the Maldives brings both of you even closer and creates the most romantic bond between you.

Your honeymoon is among the most important rituals of your marriage. It is the time where everything is rose-tinted and you want it to be the best experience ever. You can augment this experience by visiting the Maldives for your honeymoon and give it the backdrop it truly deserves. 

In this blog, we present the top reasons to plan your honeymoon in the Maldives.

Reason #1: Diving or snorkeling amidst reefs

Marine life is something that fascinates everyone. One of the best experiences that one can have in this world is exploring the underwater world comprising coral reefs and a plethora of marine species in the crystal clear waters. All this is sure to tantalize your senses. While swimming side by side with your partner, you can witness colorful fish, dolphins, mantas, turtles, eagle rays, and so much more. Its memories will remain in your heart and soul long after you have left the Maldives. Ari Atoll and Tewa Stross are counted among the best spots for diving. 

Diving or snorkeling amidst reefs

Reason #2: Exploring stunning islands

This is the perfect thing to do on a honeymoon in the Maldives. It would be a highly romantic experience when you visit islands and explore the nooks and crannies with their hidden gems that make them absolutely incredible. Beaches are in abundance in this island nation. Lovely beaches dot the Maldives and you can explore as much as you like. There are a number of luxurious resorts for honeymooners that ensure complete leisure, luxury, and privacy. You can also choose to visit the capital city- Male. There is a lot to see and experience there with your partner. You are sure to get mesmerised by the experience. 

Exploring stunning islands

Reason #3: Indulging in a romantic massage

When in the Maldives, massages are not restricted to a room with a relaxing bed only. Experience a truly blissful massage here that is absolutely different. You and your partner can indulge in a revitalising and refreshing couple massage wherein the native virgin coconut oil is used. Imagine having such a relaxing experience amidst the breathtaking views of the waters and the whistling winds.

Indulging in a romantic massage

Reason #4: Staying at an underwater hotel

If you don’t want to dive to experience the diverse marine life of the Maldives, then there is a wonderful option for you. Imagine having a romantic date with your spouse under the water. You should visit the Ithaa Underwater Aquarium Restaurant and the Maldives Rangali Islands Resort. The restaurant space is turned into a romantic bedroom in front of your eyes at the hotel. You are left confused, dazed, and joyful! Here, you get to appreciate the rich marine life right outside your room along with amazing champagne and a scrumptious breakfast in the morning.

Staying at an underwater hotel

Reason #5: Enjoying a submarine ride

After you have the experience of wine-and-dine in the ocean, taking a trip to the depths of the ocean in a submarine would be an amazing addition to your honeymoon vacation. Going for a submarine ride is one of the most fun things to do in the Maldives. You can choose to book a whale submarine from Male to your resort as well. You will be left awestruck when you will see the myriad of marine species present there and about which you never knew. 

Enjoying a submarine ride

Reason #6: Visiting historical hotspots

Your honeymoon is the most special time of your life and you would want to feel the most special during this vacation. If you both are history buffs, then there are a lot of places that you can explore together in the Maldives. Strolling along the Tomb of Muhammad Thakurufaanu, Grand Friday Mosque, Feeboa Valhugandu, etc. would be a great experience for both of you. If you want to take a break from the blues and greens of the islands, then visit these places of historical importance for a refreshing change.

Reason #7: Mesmerising your senses at the glow-in-the-dark beaches

The Maldives is home to the world’s most gorgeous beaches. They are known for their azure waters and lush greenery. If you are willing to experience something unique and rare, then surprise your loved one with a visit to the bioluminescent beach. Bioluminescent plankton appearing in warm coastal waters causes this magical phenomenon. You can see a bright green-blue glow when the waves touch the shore or when you put your bare feet into the wet sand. The whole experience is totally dazzling that will also let you bond with your partner as you witness something so magical together!

Mesmerising your senses at the glow-in-the-dark beaches

Reason #8: Having an experience of a luxurious private boat

The experience of your honeymoon in the Maldives will be further augmented when you stay at the Gili Lankanfushi resort in the North Male atoll. Here, you can book a Crusoe Residence- a private luxury boat comprising a king-sized bed and a private deck for enjoying the beauty of the Indian Ocean. Get spellbound by the sun’s rays bouncing off the waves. 

Having an experience of a luxurious private boat

Reason #9: Taking a safari boat

Popularly known as ‘floating luxury’ in the Maldives, safari boats offer an unforgettable experience to honeymoon couples. Enjoying a ride in a safari boat would be a fun-filled experience. Sail through the wind while speeding towards numerous tiny secluded islands peppered all around. These are the little gems scattered all over the Maldives. Imagine enjoying your dinner with your partner under the stars while the gentle waves crash softly against your safari boat! These memories will stay with you forever.

Reason #10: Go fishing and sunset cruising

Sitting on the beachside and watching the lovely sunset is a beautiful experience in the Maldives. But what’s more memorable is watching it from a boat in the middle of the ocean. This splendid image will be etched in your heart forever. Your resort can make arrangements for this. You can also choose to go on a fishing expedition if you want to try something exciting. Madoogali Island Resort, Kuredu, and Meemu atoll are some of the best places to go fishing. 

So what are you waiting for? Book your honeymoon package in the Maldives and fall in love with this island nation just as much you have with your better half! 

Go fishing and sunset cruising

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