Best way to reach Maldives Island

Best way to reach Maldives Island
Date : 16 Jan 2023
Categories: Maldives Islands

Maldives is undoubtedly one of the places to visit in this world. The warm currents of the Indian Ocean pull thousands of tourists to the country every year. Home to so many exquisite beaches in the world, the Maldives is one of the rare places where travellers can relax, rejuvenate and forget about the worries of this world.  

Since many people travel to Maldives, it is also one of the most easily accessible island nations in the world. Maldives has more than one international airport, and many flights take commercial passengers to its various cities. 

In this article, find the best way to reach Maldives Island

  1. Best places to go kayaking in the Maldives:

    Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports in the Maldives. Almost every island and beach offer Kayaking facilities. The calm waters of the Indian Ocean also make the Maldives a perfect place to kayak. Read this list to know the best places for Kayaking in the Maldives:  

    • Kayaking in Hulhumale: Hulhumale is actually an artificial island built by the Maldivian government to combat the effects of climate change on the Maldives. Hulhumale is famous for its resorts and diving centres most of which offer Kayaking. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and the lush palm trees that line up the island while they float lazily around in a Kayak. Hulhumale is located in North Male Atoll and is the fourth largest island in the Maldives.
    • Kayaking in Maafushi: Maafushi with its coral reefs and pearly white beaches attract thousands of tourists every year. Almost every guesthouse and hotel in Maafushi offers kayaking services. Water sports enthusiasts who are experienced in Kayaking can either opt for a single-seat Kayak or a double-seat one. There are also training services available for fresh Kayakers. Maafushi is located in Kaafu Atoll and is connected by a ferry service from Male Atoll.
    • Kayaking in Veligandu: Veligandu is a small island in North Ari Atoll. The island also serves as a resort of the same name — Velingandu Island Resort. Access to Veligandu is only possible via a seaplane from Male. The Veligandu resort also offers many water sports activities, Kayaking being one of the most popular ones. Visitors can just float away in the calm waters of the Indian Ocean in their Kayaks without a worry in this world. What’s best is the breathtaking view of the wide blue expanse of the sea.  
    • Kayaking in Male: Male city is one of the most populous cities in the Maldives and the most happening one as well. Male has lots of centres that help tourists planning to do Kayaking in the Maldives. Visitors can listen to some insane music from the beach clubs as they explore the ocean in their Kayaks. This is the best way to relax in Male city.
    • Kayaking in Vaadhoo Island: Located in Raa Atoll, Vadhoo Island is also popularly known as the bioluminescence island because of the Bioluminescence Plankton that floats in the water by the shore. While tourists usually visit the beaches of Vaadhoo Island at night to witness the spectacular view of the lit-up shore, the beaches are also famous for kayaking during the day. Some kayaks are transparent which allows the kayaker to view the marine life below as they kayak. 
  2. Travelling to the Maldives by Air:

    The best way to reach Maldives Island travel to the island nation is by air. Since Maldives is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this world, it has a very well-set up air travel system that helps tourists reach the country easily. Many airlines have flights going to the Maldives throughout the year. Travelling by air is the best way to reach Maldives island. It is also the easiest way to travel to Maldives. That is why so many people from India travel to the Maldives every year. In 2021 alone, around 23 per cent of the tourists travelling to Maldives were from India with most people preferring to spend at least a week exploring the island nation. 

    The following points answer all the major questions about travelling to Maldives by air.  

  3. How much time to reach the Maldives:  

    The best time to kayak in the Maldives coincides with the best time to visit the island nation. April to November is the best period to visit the Maldives. This is because the weather around this time is dry and less humid. Since there’s no rain, the ocean is generally calm. This makes it a great time to kayak in the Maldives. The sun is always out and the sky is blue, the view around this time is majestic for any kayaker. 

    Travelling to the Gan International Airport, however, takes at least 7 hours and 45 minutes. Also, most of the flights from India to Gan go via Sri Lanka. Some flights may take as much as 15 hours or more and may have multiple stops. 
  4. Which airports in India have flights to the Maldives:

    Most people travelling to the Maldives go from the international airports of Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad are the four cities from where most people travel to the Maldives from. Travellers coming from other cities may have to first travel to the above-mentioned four cities to get direct flights to Male’s Velana International Airport. There are no direct flights to Gan International Airport from India. 
  5. Which flights in India fly to the Maldives: 

    Many airlines take travellers to the Maldives from India. Most of them fly throughout the year. International airlines like Gulf Air, Air India, Emirates, Vistara, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Go First, and Indigo etc are some of the airlines that have flight routes to Maldives. Taking these airlines is the best way to reach Maldives island. Not all the airlines may be able to offer direct flights to the Maldives and sometimes there may be a combination of two or more airlines taking a traveller to the Maldives. 

  6. Airports in the Maldives: 

    Although it is a small island nation, Maldives has many international airports. This is mainly to accommodate the influx of tourists from various parts of the world every year. Here is a list of the international airports in the Maldives: 
    • Velana International Airport in Male City
    • Gan International Airport in Addu City, Gan
    • Hanimaadhoo International Airport in Hanimaadhoo
    • Maafaru International Airport in Noone
    • Villa International Airport in Alifu Dhaalu, Maamigili

    Of the above-mentioned airports, most international flights fly to Velana International Airport in Male City and Gan International Airport in Addu City. This is because these two airports link to most of the destinations in the Maldives and are also close to many cities in the world, especially, India. There are many direct flights from India to Velana airport in Male and going directly to this airport is the best way to reach Maldives island.

  7. Cost of travelling to Maldives by air:

    The cost of travelling to Maldives by air depends on the time and place from and to where a person is flying. During peak season, the price of a one-way ticket may be anything between INR 7,000 to INR 13,000 or more. For anybody travelling during the peak season, it is always better to book flight tickets at least a month in advance making it the best way to reach Maldives island. 

  8. Best ways to travel within the Maldives:

    Once in the Maldives, nobody likes to just stay in one place. Island hopping is very popular within the Maldives. Here are some of the best ways to travel within the Maldives:

    By Boat/Ferry/Dhoni: Being a water nation, Maldives has many boat or ferry services that can take tourists from one island to another. Tourists can opt between taking a speedboat, a ferry or a Dhoni (which are local boats) to reach their destination depending on the time they have and the amount they are willing to spend.

    By Seaplane: Yes, seaplanes! There are many resorts in the Maldives that are located in remote places and cannot be easily accessed by local ferry services. Seaplanes in Maldives are also air taxis and are provided by only a few operators. Seaplanes only travel during the day and offer passengers the wonderful opportunity to watch the majestic views of the Indian ocean from a low altitude.

    By Taxi: Not every place in the Maldives needs to be accessed by boats and seaplanes. Tourists can travel to many market areas and restaurants via local taxis that are easily available in the major cities across the country.  

  9. When to visit the Maldives:

    Before deciding the best way to reach the Maldives island, travellers should find out when is the best time to visit the island nation. While the Maldives as a tourist destination is welcoming throughout the year, most tourists travel to the island nation between April to November. This is because April to November is the best time to visit the country as the weather is good. The temperature in this period is pleasant as the weather is dry and less humid. This is not the case during the rainy season in the Maldives which starts towards the end of November and ends around March. While it does not rain all the time, sudden and heavy rains may spoil the day’s plan for anyone. 


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