Destination Wedding in Maldives

Destination Wedding in Maldives
Date : 07 Apr 2023
Categories: Maldives Islands

Planning a destination wedding in the Maldives? Well, you’ll be really lucky to tie the knot here. You will not only be celebrating your Big Day with the perfect backdrop and serene environment but also be creating memorable moments for everybody - from your partner to your relatives. The phenomenal weather, gorgeous reefs, crystal aqua sea, and white sand beaches will bless your wedding. 

The Maldives is truly a heaven that provides ideal venues for destination weddings. From exchanging vows on the silky white sand to sunset cruise weddings, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Now before you become overwhelmed and all confused about how to go about it, read this article so you know everything about getting married in the Maldives. From the ideal weather to the legalities of your marriage, we have covered all you need to know. So without further delay, let’s get to the specifics. 

The Best Time for Getting Married in the Maldives

The islands boast a tropical climate throughout the year. Nonetheless, there are two seasons with regard to weddings - the low season begins in April and ends in November while the peak wedding season runs from December to March. The heavy rainfall during the low season is why couples do not prefer getting married during these months. For the same reason, we would recommend you consider picking a date between December and March. 

The ideal months for getting married in the Maldives are February and March due to the pleasant weather. So if you do not want it to rain and are rather looking forward to clear skies and a sunny day, you should consider the months of February and March. 

One thing you should be aware of is that the weather on the islands is pretty unpredictable, which is why you should not entirely expect that it won’t rain. Thus, take a good look at the weather predictions, average temperature, sunshine, and rainfall. This will help you smoothen things and make your wedding hassle-free for the guests. Also, try considering getting married during the daytime, that is, before the sun sets.

Connectivity and Accommodation

One of the most crucial aspects you should focus on is the connectivity of the islands to your country and city. Check if there are direct flights and if not, the connecting flights and the total time it would take you to reach. Also, if some of your guests are flying in from another country, look for that too. 

The Maldives is home to pristine sandy beaches, tall palm trees, and beautiful coral reefs. But this is not it. There’s more to the islands - they boast innumerable 5-star hotels and resorts with world-class amenities, wedding packages, and restaurants. 

In fact, if you do not wish to get married on the beach and are looking for a more luxurious and unforgettable experience, exchanging vows on a yacht in the sea is the best idea. Sit beside your soulmate during the ceremonies on a yacht that overlooks blue waters. 

And in case the idea of getting married on a yacht or a beach does not amaze you, we suggest you 

consider booking a resort or a popular wedding venue in the Maldives where you can celebrate your Big Day on the premises. In case it rains, you will be good to go because you will have indoor options as well. 

Is Your Wedding in Maldives Legal?

A beach wedding dress, natural theme, rituals, and guests may make the wedding feel real but it is not legally binding for two foreign nationals to get married in the Maldives. Thus, you can get legally married at home through a small ceremony and leave the rest of the fun for your destination wedding on the islands. 

A majority of couples first get married in their home country and then host the wedding in the Maldives followed by a honeymoon. In case you wish to do the same, you can plan your honeymoon on a different island in the Maldives itself. The pristine beaches and secluded spots will help you spend quality time with your soulmate after a fun, memorable wedding. 

Most wedding packages offer a combination of a destination wedding on the islands and a honeymoon. In case you choose one of these, you will not be required to spend time traveling back home and to another country for your honeymoon. 

Add a Maldivian Touch to Your Wedding!

The Maldivian culture is beautiful and once you find out more about it, you might want to add a sense of a Maldivian wedding to yours. For instance, the Bodu Beru (drums) procession is a famous wedding tradition that involves about 20 drummers playing the instrument. They are dressed in traditional clothes and lead the to-be-married couple down the aisle for exchanging vows. 

Alternatively, you can simply go with a western or an Indian wedding based on your and your partner’s preferences. Nonetheless, we suggest you consider including the Bodu Beru tradition. After all, you are getting married in the Maldives!

Facilities You Will be Offered

Depending on the accommodation you choose for your stay and ceremonies, you can be provided with a variety of facilities. To begin with, if you opt to stay at Cinnamon Dhelveli, you will be provided with spaces for seated dinner receptions, wedding ceremonies, and bridal showers. Additionally, almost all luxurious resorts and hotels have a yoga and spa center for guests to rejuvenate. 

One of the best choices is the Taj Luxury Resort. Here, the facilities include wedding decor, photographers, multiple cuisine menu options, and luxurious villas. And if you are looking for a place with a private pool and several villas to accommodate your guests, Radisson Blu is the answer. Here, you will also have access to bars and lounges along with a kids club.

When are you hosting a wedding in the Maldives?

We hope that this blog has answered all your queries and solved all the problems you were earlier facing about hosting a destination wedding in the Maldives. All you need to do now is discuss the plan with your partner and family to go further with it.

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