Maldives Beach Villa or Water Villa: Which One to Choose?

Maldives Beach Villa or Water Villa: Which One to Choose?
Date : 10 Jul 2023
Categories: Maldives Islands

Maldives, a tropical paradise nestled in the Indian Ocean, has captivated the imaginations and dreams of travelers worldwide. The Maldives has pristine white-sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and abundant marine life. It is no wonder that Maldives is the sought-after destination for honeymooners, vacation makers, and others searching for peace and natural beauty. 

However, while planning a trip to this idyllic archipelago, tourists even need clarification about what to choose as a staycation- a beach villa or a water villa. Well, both of them have different characteristics. What to decide is what purely depends upon individual preferences and budget. 

In this blog, we will dive deeper to understand the distinction between a beach villa and a water villa and know which one would be the best for your staycation. 

Understanding Beach Villas

Beach villas are mainly nestled along the pristine shorelines of the islands. Beach villas are like luxury accommodations offering a seamless blend of tropical elegance and tranquility. Beach villas are primarily constructed with traditional materials like thatched roofs and natural wood. It is something that adds charm and authenticity to beach villas. Beach villas are positioned to provide direct access to the soft sand beaches and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. 


Features of Beach Villas

There are numerous features of beach villas. They are:

  • Spacious and Private

If you are traveling with a group or even searching for a luxurious setting for your honeymoon celebration, beach villas would be the perfect choice. These generous living spaces allow guests to spread out and unwind in comfort. However, beach villas are expensive, featuring bedrooms, separate living areas, outdoor terraces, and verandas. These villas provide you with ample space for rejuvenation and enjoying the mesmerizing views of the ocean. 

  • Privacy and Seclusion

If you are a newlywed couple looking for staycation options in a beach villa, you must be very assured of privacy. Beach villas offer the utmost privacy and seclusion with lush vegetation and natural barriers surrounding the property. It enhances the privacy of your stay.

  • Affordability

Although staying in a beach villa would be an expensive option compared to water villas, beach villas are affordable and offer a luxe staying option; choosing a beach villa would be the best option to enjoy the stunning surroundings while maintaining a reasonable budget. 


Water Villas: What are they?

Water Villas also known as Overwater Bungalows is an iconic and distinctive accommodation option in the Maldives. Water Villas are enchanting structures built on stilts above the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Staying in water villas offers a unique and memorable experience you will never forget for ages. 

Features of Water Villas

  • Offers Stunning Panoramic Views

Do you want to enjoy the stunning, breathtaking views of the ocean? If yes, a water villa would be your best staycation option. Imagine waking up to see vibrant turquoise waters, which would stretch your eyes as far as you can see. Water Villas are mainly designed with large windows and private patios, providing an uninterrupted vista of the sea, colorful coral reefs, and marine life beneath the sea.

  • Direct Access to Water

Do you know one advantage of staying in a water villa? Well, it is the direct access to the water. Many of these villas have private staircases or ladders to the ocean. It would easily allow you to swim, snorkel or sit back and embrace the sea with your lover. 

  • Luxe Amenities and Services

Water villas are mainly famous for their luxe amenities and services. From private infinity pools to outdoor jacuzzis and personal butler service, accommodations like these provide a rich experience. 

  • Romantic Setting

Honeymooners mainly prefer Water Villas. These romantic getaways provide seclusion, privacy, and an intimate setting to the newlywed couple. These are the ideal staying spot for those seeking a romantic retreat. Imagine enjoying a candlelight dinner on your private deck with your spouse, with gentle sounds of waves and starry skies as the backdrop.


Factors to Consider

When deciding between what to choose when visiting Maldives- a Beach Villa or a Water Villa-there are various factors to consider. The factors below will help you determine your preferences and ensure a smooth and memorable vacation. 

Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Budget Considerations

The first thing you need to evaluate is your budget, after which you will be able to compare the costs of the beach and water villas. Understanding which of the two fits your budget would be ideal without putting a hole in your pocket. You don’t have to consider the accommodation costs but other costs, such as additional expenses like dining, activities, and transportation. 

  • Personal Preferences and Priorities

Reflect on your personal choices and think about what you desire. Do you value direct access to the sandy beaches and the feel of the sand beneath your feet, or are you drawn to the allure of being surrounded by the tranquil waters of the ocean? 

  • Know the Preferences of Travel Companions

If you are traveling with others, it’s essential to know about their personal preferences; consider their desires and needs, too, whether they’re your family, friends, or a romantic partner. Ensure that you choose the accommodation as per their preferences, which would elevate their experience. 


Final Word

Choosing between a beach villa and a water villa depends upon various factors, which include personal preferences, budget, and priorities. Both options offer unique advantages and disadvantages, which must be studied carefully. 

If you consider accessibility and convenience, beach villas often provide easier access to resort facilities and other amenities. Whereas, if you plan to stay in water villas, you might need additional transportation to reach them. 

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