Top 5 Luxurious and Best Hotels in the Maldives

Top 5 Luxurious and Best Hotels in the Maldives
Date : 29 Dec 2022
Categories: Maldives Islands

Planning a Dreamy Fairy Tale Vacation in the Maldives is not an easy task. You are showered with so many amazing and astonishing properties which are nothing less than heaven. The country is surrounded by crystal-clear blue water and villas. When it comes to the best hotels in Maldives to make your stay memorable then privacy and standard of living are what you see all around. There are beautiful spas, restaurants in deep jungles, Calm beaches, private villas and underwater restaurants are the new addition to the country. Maldives is nothing less than a paradise for nature lovers.

Every day, you will see something new coming up in Maldives like there are so many underwater restaurants and hotels increasing day by day and you can also buy a villa for yourself with a private beach and bar area. All the hotels in the Maldives have their own speciality. It depends on your budget and what you are looking for to make your Maldives Vacation memorable for a lifetime.

Here we have a list of the Top 5 Best Hotels in the Maldives.

  1. Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

    This Island is just like a dreamy place where you can see all the beauty around sandbanks, beautiful lagoons and clear blue water attracting you towards it from dusk to dawn. These villas will give you wild and earthy feels with their wooden furniture, organic products and natural sunscreens. They have a special beach for the morning yoga sessions and a private jungle restaurant where they bring fresh ingredients from their own organic gardens. They also have a spa area where you get luxury spa experience from topmost therapists all the way from India, Thailand and Bali. Seven years have passed since Gili Lankanfushi began working on its coral programme; this means that the island was actively promoting sustainability long before it became a trend. And that's why it still stands out from the competition, in addition to the picturesque setting and first-rate service.

  2. Kudadoo

    This is the world's first solar-powered hotel in the country covered with coconut trees all around with sandbanks on the sides of the beautiful deep oceans. These villas have a very unique wooden walkway which is made by keeping New York's architecture in mind. They also have a pool with a staircase which directly connects you with the never-ending oceans without compromising your needs and privacy. They will provide you with all the luxury 24/7 whether it's airy spas with earthy treatments or the fine wines of Maldives. You will get lip-smacking food from authentic Japanese to famous Maldives seafood. The villas are covered with coconut trees all around to give you an earthy feeling for some days.

  3. Jumeirah Maldives

    The structure of this island was made by keeping the Dubai era in mind. The Jumeirah Maldives is special for its customized bathrobes and mouth-watering food of their restaurants with Live music to make your dinner nights amazing. They also have a private dining room with huge aquariums on the walls to give you the feel of aquatic habitat. To make this Vacation more magical you can just take a jet ski from your villa and get lost in the ponds of dolphins to feed them their breakfast. This hotel has a special place in the hearts of people who always visit here.

  4. Conard Maldives

    Conard Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives. It is covered with sandbanks all around and the sound of waves just makes you lost in another world with deep jungles covering the island. In 2018, This island was the first to create underwater suites and this time you and also book underwater villas on this island. They also have an underwater restaurant named Ithaa, which serves fresh and earthy flavour dishes from salty scallops to veggie asparagus. To see the aquatic life more closely you can do boating outside your villas to capture some beautiful creatures like sharks, parrotfish and turtles.

  5. Hurawalhi Island Resort

    This Island has one of the biggest underwater restaurants in the Maldives which attracts tourists the most. They also have mainly 2 bars and restaurants which have open ceilings, table tops made with petrified wood and glass floors to spot the aquatic creatures while having your dinner. The most impressive thing about this Island is that they have a team of young divers who know half of the languages so that You can communicate with them easily. Another draw is the modest but exquisitely stocked wine cellar, which has been carefully curated by managing partner Lars Petre, a pioneering hotelier and businessman in the Maldives whose passion for the atolls is evident on every inch of his angular Swedish face.

    So here we discussed the 5 best and most luxurious hotels in the Maldives to make your vacations more memorable and dreamy. These hotels have so much to keep you indulging in their activities and water sports that you will not get time to get bored. You can see any property according to your budget and needs. You will always see something new in the Maldives If you want to experience something beyond imagination then there is nothing better than underwater villas and restaurants. So quickly plan a vacation to Maldives with your families or friends and have a lifetime experience in these luxury hotels.

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