Everything You Need to Know About Wakeboarding in the Maldives

Everything You Need to Know About Wakeboarding in the Maldives
Date : 16 Jan 2023
Categories: Maldives Islands

One of the major reasons why so many travellers flock to the Maldives every year is because it is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a variety of water sports. While scuba diving and jet skiing continue to attract the attention of the crowd, in the last few years, wakeboarding in the Maldives has emerged as one of the most popular water sports. 

Wakeboarding is the best sport for anybody who loves these two things: water and sports. There are many places in the Maldives that best for wakeboarding. Before booking a session of wakeboarding in the Maldives, it is better to know all about water sports. 

  1. What is wakeboarding and why to try wakeboarding in the Maldives:

    A combination of snowboarding and water skiing and surfing, wakeboarding involves standing on two skateboard-like contraptions and being towed by a motorboat. Two skills that count in wakeboarding are a person’s ability to hold on tight to the rope attached to the motorboat and balance. It is one of the most adrenaline-pumping water sports in the world, especially, in the Maldives. The Maldives has a great wakeboarding scene and attracts many adventure seekers to try wakeboarding in its waters. Many water sports centres around the Maldives offer wakeboarding facilities to tourists.  

  2. Best places to wakeboard in the Maldives:

    The Maldives is one of the best places in the world to go for wakeboarding. The wakeboarding craze in the Maldives started only recently as adventure seekers started adding and demanding more interesting sports to the island nation. The best news is that many water sports centres in the Maldives offer wakeboarding training to those interested. Guides also teach wakeboarders many new and advanced tricks in wakeboarding. Most hotels and resorts in the Maldives have their own water sports centres and offer a variety of services including wakeboarding. Here is a list of places as well as hotels where you can enjoy wakeboarding in the Maldives:

  3. Maafushi:

    Maafushi is by far the most popular place for wakeboarding in the Maldives. Most wakeboarders get 15-30 minutes behind a boat. The guides from the water sports centres also help people to practice a few tricks before they can get into the action themselves. The centres also take wakeboarders to their destination via speedboats with instructors. 

  4. Conrad Maldives:

    The Conrad Maldives is located on Rangali Island, Alifu Dhaalu also offers wakeboarding facilities to its guests. The resort chain has its own water sports centre, and its instructors help guests enjoy a variety of water sports activities including wakeboarding. 

  5. Hurawalhi resort:

    Another resort that offers wakeboarding in the Maldives. Hurawalhi Island resort is located in Lhaviyani Atoll. Its water sports team offers its guests a 20-minute wakeboarding class before letting them do it themselves. 

  6. Holiday Inn Kandooma:

    The Holiday inn Kandooma is located in South Male Atoll and is one of the best places for wakeboarding in the Maldives. The water sports centre in the Holiday Inn provides wakeboarding lessons to both beginners and advanced-level wakeboarders.  

  7. Best time for wakeboarding in the Maldives: 

    The best time to try wakeboarding in the Maldives is between April to October. This coincides with the best time to visit the island country. April to October falls within the dry season in the Maldives. This means that there is no rain in the country and the water is calm for most parts of the day. This makes for the perfect setting for wakeboarding and allows wakeboarders to soak in the pleasant light from the Sun while slicing through the waves created by the motorboat tugging them along. The end of November through February is the peak of the wet season in Maldives, which means that heavy spells of rain and storms are very common around this time. Most water sports activities close around this time as it is dangerous to get into the water when it is raining hard and continuously. March is much better, however, there are still sudden spells of rain. Visitors need to check the weather updates frequently to ensure that they haven’t booked a wakeboarding session on a day on which it is supposed to rain.

  8. Cost of wakeboarding in the Maldives: 

    Like many other water sports activities in the Maldives, wakeboarding in the Maldives also costs some investment. While wakeboarding can be slightly more expensive due to the effort and resources required, it is still very cheap in the Maldives. Wakeboarders are given the wakeboards as part of the wakeboarding package and even taken to the ocean in a speedboat. Guides are also included for basic training. In most cases, the cost of wakeboarding in the Maldives is between INR 5000 to 7000. Some hotels and resorts may not charge wakeboarders, water sports activities may be included in the stay package. But this would only apply if guests used the wakeboarding facility in the resort.  

  9. Other water sports in the Maldives:

    Apart from wakeboarding in the Maldives, there are many other water sports that visitors can enjoy in the water nation. Here are some of the popular water sports in Maldives:   

    • Parasailing: The brilliant waves of the Indian Ocean offer the right environment for Parasailing in the Maldives. In parasailing, the sailor, pulled by a parachute, glides through the water. Most water sports centres in the Maldives offer parasailing services.
    • Scuba diving: Scuba diving is the most popular water sport in the Maldives. A massive coral reef spread across its various islands and a chance to swim among sharks and some of the most colourful marine life in the world are what make scuba diving so sought after in the Maldives.
    • Jet skiing: Another very fun water sport in the Maldives, jet skiing is for the ones that love speed. It is one of the most thrilling water sports in the Maldives.
    • Snorkelling: For those who are nervous about scuba diving, snorkelling is another sport that they can enjoy in the Maldives. The good news is that snorkelling does not even require experience in swimming.
    • Banana Boat rides: This one is for the family, a group of friends or just a pair. The Banana Boat ride is the most fun water sport in the Maldives. It does not require anyone to go under the water but takes riders on a joyful ride on the ocean on a rubber boat.


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