15 Top Experiences in Maldives That Redefine Travel

15 Top Experiences in Maldives That Redefine Travel
Date : 02 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

Beautiful gardens, palm-fringed white sandy beaches and a vibrant house reef are the hallmarks of Maldivian vacation. Tucked away from the Maldives' turquoise azure lies a thriving culture, decadent food, and experiences that will please even the most discerning traveller. The overwater bungalows are a spectacular sight, and those images draw people from all over the world to the Maldives in the first place.

A vacation in the Maldives is made for adventure, water sports, and romance. The Maldives conjure up idyllic images of overwater bungalows and pristine beaches. However, visitors are often surprised to find more things to do in the Maldives than they expected. Whether you prefer a secluded, cosy vacation or one filled with adventures, there is something for everyone making the Maldives a versatile destination.

Private picnic on a sandbank

Recline back in your sofas and bean bags as you sample a pre-ordered picnic hamper full of Maldivian delicacies, lobster, cheeses, and a bottle of champagne served by your butler and chefs. A sandbank picnic is special for lovebirds and is sure to be etched for a lifetime memory. You have the glowing turquoise hues of water surrounding you because the water is relatively shallow and surrounded by pristine, sugar-white sand.

Snorkelling and diving

Spot the usual suspects from schools of colourful tropical fish, reef sharks, tortoises and Manta Rays when you are in the Maldives. Take a diving expedition to dive with hammerhead sharks, whales and other sea creatures. Hanifaru bay is a UNESCO protected and the largest feeding station globally. The area is abundant in marine life because of heavy amounts of plankton which attracts big draw cards such as beloved Manta Rays.

Underwater spa date

The underwater spa is a new trend catching up with the couples and honeymooners on a romantic getaway in the island nation. A venue to enjoy hot rocks with ice couture facials complemented with a bottle of champagne and truffles for your skin completes an underwater spa experience. Imagine receiving a spa session surrounded by glass walls staring out into the beautiful turquoise ocean, while the marine life dances around you. It is the ultimate relaxation experience one can dream of in their lifetime.

Explore Male

Male, the Maldives' capital, is densely compressed onto an island of about two square kilometres or 1.25 square miles. It is perhaps one of the world's smallest capitals by area. Most visitors bypass it in favour of the country's idyllic uninhabited islands. However, culture vultures will find it an exciting place to explore. There are mosques, museums and markets.

Traditional dhoni sunset cruise

A dhoni sunset cruise on a traditional Maldivian boat is perfect for a family-packed holiday. A place where adults can enjoy the view while the children keep a lookout for the next school of dolphins. You might be lucky to spot spinner dolphins, somersaulting right next to the boat.

Experience the local culture

The country's environment has heavily influenced Maldivian arts and crafts. Coral carvings and calligraphy that adorn mosques hundreds of years ago bear witness to Maldivian craftsmen's deft skills. Much of the Maldives cuisine offers familiarity with many of the dishes from countries in East Asia and East Africa and Arabia. Although today dhonis are built using imported timber and modern tools, the craft still retains its basic traditional design.

Nosh on Mas Huni

While on a local island, we recommend the tourists to sample a plate of Mas Huni, a traditional dish served for Maldivian breakfast. The dish has finely chopped onion, coconut, tuna and chilli. Usually served with freshly-baked rosti, it can be a treat for the continental breakfast weary traveller. It is tangy and fresh with a little kick of heat on the tongue.

Network in tropical surrounds

The Maldives has several business venues to network and forge relationships, surrounded by turquoise blue. The Maldives' resorts conduct several events ranging from island buyouts, incentive programs, corporate events, afternoon sunset drinks, and wine tastings. These, in turn, are explicitly catered to give the business world a chance to thicken their contact list.

Party it up

For the folks willing to let their hair down in the Maldives, Finolhu in Baa Atoll has a vibe that attracts internationally-acclaimed DJs and often hosts three-day party events throughout the year on its one-kilometre sandbank and pool areas.

Party at Subsix

Considered to be the world's first and only underwater nightclub, Subsix offers a unique partying experience with exotic cocktails, premium wines, full-blown music, delicious food and breathtaking views, manta rays and other colourful fishes.

Scenic flight over Maldives islands

There is something magical when you see the different shades of water over the Maldivian ecosystem. Many resorts offer a domestic flight/ seaplane experience along with a ferry when you book your stay with them.

Revisit History at Maldives National Museum

Exhibiting and preserving a vast collection of royal antiquities and artefacts, this intriguing museum aims to teach the feelings of patriotism in the heart of the Maldives citizens.

Dance along to the Boduberu

Several resorts in the area often host Boduberu performances and often include it in their wedding packages or as a standalone service for culture enthusiasts. The Boduberu is a traditional Maldivian performance involving singing, dancing and rhythmic drumming. The tourists can hear the music from far and wide, and the atmosphere is exhilarating during a performance. 

The Piano Deck at Baros

An ideal spot to enjoy sunset cocktails, decadent breakfasts or spa treatments, the piano deck lies in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Entirely secluded from other guests and staff, The quaint little deck can be hired for a few hours by the visitors. The white canopy flaps away in the breeze, and there's nothing but you and the ocean. It's ridiculously romantic and one for the bucket list.

Dolphin Watching Tour in the Maldives

Get a chance to witness one of the most intelligent and beautiful creatures in the Indian ocean, when you indulge in a Dolphin watching tour. Watch these fantastic creatures swimming along your sides, jumping and diving into the ocean.

There are so many cherishing experiences you can have with your loved ones on the scintillating beaches of the Maldives. One of them is A starry night spent with your better half in a thatched-roof bungalow on a private beach with dotted islands. The Maldivian region's resorts offer various accommodations spread amongst the island's lush tropical gardens with easy access to the beach. These range from comfortable rooms and villas to the spacious Royal Residences, where the Maldivian hospitality charms you with its unparalleled choice of dining experiences and a wide range of recreation activities and entertainment.

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