5 cafes in Maldives with the best vibe and menu

Date : 04 May 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

A trip is never complete without knowing its neighbourhood. The beach paradise Maldives known for staycation and luxury also hosts some amazing cafés for those who wish to step out of the comfort of their beach-facing rooms. And, to know the island and its vibe closely, what's a better place than its cafés. Maldives houses a bunch of some amazing cafes and each comes with its own uniqueness. From ambience to multiple cuisines and sumptuous coffees, all the cafes have it all and have the best.



The brick walls and the dim lights complementing each other bring a vibe that is exclusive to this place. With lively vibe, coffee table books and aroma of freshly brewing coffees at the counter, Meraki Coffee Roasters becomes an instant favourite of anyone who visits. It won’t be considered strange but absolutely normal if you go there to just grab a cup of coffee and end up spending more time than desired as many people who have been there have done exactly that. And, if you are in Husnuheenaa Magu don’t miss to indulge in this aromatic experience.

Must Order: Cascara tea with honey, Cappuccino, Latte, Granola with healthy fruits, Chocolate cookie and Cold brew coffee.



Have an itch for exploring ice-cream flavours then Seagull Café House will melt your heart. With 30 varieties, this café is a paradise for ice-cream lovers in and around Male. A pretty two-storey building with interior and exterior setup gives a great view of the amazing landscape from the first floor. This sand floored café gets a distinguished crowd making it a perfect place to interact and socialise with fellow travellers. Be it any time of the day, the café offers a great vibe. Sitting in this café adorned with greenery and having one of the best breakfasts in Maldives is so calming and post evening with lights and open sky it turns into a place perfect for a romantic date. No matter when you visit, you must never call for a cheque before ordering an ice-cream from the plethora of options on the menu.

Must Order: Ice-cream any flavour, Tuscan shrimp, Snapper in coconut curry sauce, fish and chips and Spinach curry.



If music is as important as food to you in a café, we assure the café is exactly as the name suggests. Full of jazzy vibes and good food, the ambience here lifts the mood as one enters. It is its unmatchable vibe that attracts both young and old to the café. The Maldivian and International dishes served along with live jazz, soul and rock renditions performed by local musicians in a modest setup creates a soothing environment for guests to relax and unwind. From flooring to ceiling and furniture adorned with different shades of wood, there’s not too much drama to the interiors for a subtle experience. For people and music lovers in Haveeree Hingun, Male this is the go to place for some refreshment.

Must Order: Roast Chicken with barbeque sauce, Yellow Chicken Curry, beef, roshi and few other Maldivian dishes.



Sipping a cuppa coffee whether cold or hot is ever exciting while on a vacation and the umpteen coffee options at Civil Coffee Society definitely can make your day. Located in Haveeree Hingun, this cozy little coffee joint offers a perfect ambiance for people to relax and unwind. The aroma of hot brewing coffee from their coffee counter to your table fills the heart with happiness and their super friendly staff make the visit more comforting. Though known for coffee, the place also offers a lot of yummy dishes to relish. If you love coffee and staying neat Male, you better not miss this place.

Must Order: Cheesecake, Cappuccino, Pastries, Almond Croissant, Café Latte, Tea, Ice-chocolate and fresh juices.



A great piece of art that is what you can call it. The old textured rustic walls giving the feel of a vintage space win your heart as soon as you enter the cafe. It is a tiny coffee shop nestling in the centre of Hulhumale with a local vibe boasting a menu that is international. From piping hot coffee to homemade jam which many tourists swear by you will love all that is mentioned in the menu. All the dishes are curated keeping the taste of travellers coming from diverse parts of the world in mind. In short, for the ones staying at Male and Hulhumale, it’s a café you should walk into during anytime of the day or simply start your day here with a sumptuous breakfast. We bet! You won’t be disappointed as their jazz playlist adds to the vibe.

Must Order: Pancakes, coffee, homemade jam and many sumptuous international dishes

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