5 Reasons Why the Maldives Should be Topping the Charts of Your Travel Bucket List!

5 Reasons Why the Maldives Should be Topping the Charts of Your Travel Bucket List!
Date : 16 Feb 2021
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The answer to the question raised in the title of the blog lies in Walt Whitman's words. In the 'Song of the Open Road' -

"Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,

Healthy, free, the world before me."

Bearing the promise of "The Sunny Side of Life", Maldives is not just another destination but is crosscut to a landscape, nay seascape that is a slice of solitude on earth. Boasting of some of the most iconic vistas such as the famous double chain of 26 atolls, paperwhite beaches combined with the poetic panorama of coconut and palm grove luring travellers from all around the world.

Clear skies, cerulean waters and scattered sea-shells give way to a landscape illuminated by the glimmering sun – that's when you know you have arrived in one of the most breathtaking places on earth! If I have caught your attention, at last, behold, here is a compiled list of five reasons why you must visit the Maldives ASAP. Time to grab your backpacks and gear up for experiences worth cherishing this lifetime.

  1. A Scenic Escapade

    What is better than having a vacation amidst untouched nature? If you are on a lookout for a place exuding serene beauty in its purest form that might even make your heart skip a beat. Look no further. Maldives, with its measures for unparalleled beauty, is just the place for you. While the country sprawls across 90,000 square kilometres, only 298 square kilometres of that is dry land. Floating on the Indian Ocean, the archipelago is a cluster of 1190 tiny islands, with over 185 inhabited. Maldives' landscape is a mood board layered in hues of blues, whites, greens, and pastels.

    The sun, sand, and the seashore will beckon you to indulge in the natural ambience of several beaches like the Cocoa Island in the South Malé Atoll, Landaa Giraavaru - one of the most coveted private islands and several more. While we are discussing beaches, the ocean without a shred of doubt is an abundance of exotic aquatic life. What is better than a vacation amidst untouched nature? Well, a place adorned with lovely coconut palm groves, secret beaches, whale sharks, coral reefs, the iconic overwater villas and so much more, the diversity that Maldives offers will do.

  2. Foodgasms For Real!

    Who told you that Foodgasms are a myth? While we are at it, let us bust an actual myth. There is more to Maldivian cuisine than its predominant seafood. The Maldives is an amalgamation of diversity, in its landscape as well as its representation. The country's culture, traditions and diverse physical traits bear witness that the Maldives was a melting pot of people and cultures. The race itself results from the various waves of settlements over thousands of years. This heterogeneity is also reflected in the island's food and cuisine, giving all you connoisseurs another reason to visit the Maldives.

    Michelin starred–chefs cook your meals at the top end, while the all-you-can-eat buffet system works best at the lower end. The phrase, you get what you pay for is strikingly relevant in the Maldives. From smoked fish, spicy soup, chicken and vegetable curries with local flavour to the authentic 'mashuni' and 'garudhiya', Maldives is a paradise for non-vegetarian lovers. Though the staple diet on the island includes rice, coconut, spices, and mainly seafood, there are plenty of vegetarian options. Brace your tastebuds for an adventure to step in the land of good food.

  3. Mission Bucket list!

    Travelling to a new destination is all about seeking adventure, diving into diverse and unique experiences and exploring the world that lies far away. From sunlit terrains and majestic oceans to stunning coral reefs, Maldives is the perfect place to dive in, for that 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' moment. Challenging and invigorating, diving underwater is an unbeatable experience that one should sign up for at least once in a lifetime. Scuba Diving and snorkelling have paved the way for thrillseekers to discover the world that lies beneath the ocean. Shed your inhibitions as it is time to take a leap of faith and mark this off of your bucket list.

    Marine life in the Maldives is so profuse you can spot an aqua-menagerie without even dipping your feet in the water. How? Carnival of tropical fishes and hawksbill turtles have been recorded as living around the islands, and most resorts have access to the house reefs. Swim among schools of vivid fishes, while admiring the magnificent corals and savouring the solitude and serenity underwater. The best season for diving in Maldives is from November to April. Manta rays, striped bannerfish, sea turtles, barracudas, zebra and hammerhead sharks, clownfish, tunas, sharks, and even the world's largest fish whale sharks lurk in the deep dark waters of Maldives. Hopefully, this mission bucket list inspires your decision to fly to the Maldives. 

  4. Photographer's Paradise!

    One of the most instagrammable places on earth, what can be better than watching the palm trees spread across sun-toasted beaches reflected in shimmering turquoise waters? In the prime of its tourism (year-round), Maldives starts looking like something straight out of a fantasy novel. White sandy beaches gleam under the sun, and the waves amplify as the sun sets down.

    Budding avid photographers or keen nature enthusiasts can capture magnificent shots of the surroundings, the people, the marine life and of course, the stars. Even a regular photograph ends up looking straight out a tourism brochure. It is time to make your pictures look a little bit extra! Grab your camera and go for a casual stroll by the shore and watch the golden hour of the sky (Yes, we mean sunset). Or curl up on a hammock and let your mind wander at banks of the never-ending ocean.

  5. An Amalgamation of Culture!

    Floating in the Indian Ocean, the dreamy Maldives is remote and yet well-connected. The Maldivian culture reflects every race in the world, with a strong influence from various cultures on the rim of the Indian Ocean, handed down from generation to generation. While tourism is the primary source of income, and fishing is the traditional source of livelihood. The humdrum of daily life on the island is rich in symbolism and imagery as well.

    The cultural highlight of practically every trip to the Maldives is the all-male traditional dance and drum performance known as 'Bodu Beru', which translates to 'big drum'. Strategically established as Maldives’ capital, Male is more of an experience than a series of must-see points. When in the capital's chaotic bylanes, the best thing to do is take a stroll and absorb everything Male has to offer. Tie your shoelaces and get ready to go down the cultural lane of the country.

  6. Visit the Maldives Before it's too late!

    If you are still reading, here is a bonus reason, especially for you. Climate change is not a joke, with constant rising sea levels, coastal soil erosion, a global peak in temperature, and severe swings in weather patterns, the chances are that our most low-lying islands, including Maldives, run the risk of disappearing in the coming thirty years. The government and resorts are implementing several schemes to stop or delay the submersion, so visit the island while you can, before it's too late.

    There is no dearth of things to do in the Maldives, or did I mention that already? You can go on a liveaboard, cruising, island hopping, living in a bubble at the beach under a blanket of stars, over water, and even underwater. With exciting adventure activities ready to knock your doorstep, what is there to stop you? From scuba diving, snorkelling and dolphin watching to fishing, submarine tour, and indulgent city tour, there is something for everyone. A vacation to Maldives and I guarantee that you might face a tough time getting back to your city.

    The city lights that once long endured can become monotonous and needless to say boring. In those times, a silent and peaceful day all to yourself can be a blessing in disguise. The whole aura of islands; beaches and ocean in the Maldives celebrate the solitude so gracefully that goes beyond words. It sure is God's self-designed paradise on earth. Once you find your steps headed to this magical destination, beautiful stories are waiting to sweep you off your feet! Share this with someone who is dreaming of a vacation to the Maldives and gift them new grounds to traverse.

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