Bikini Beaches of Maldives

Bikini Beaches of Maldives
Date : 02 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

A vacation to an island nation is seldom complete without a beach trip and bikini staple beachwear! With summer just around the corner, the Maldives, with its magnificent beaches, awaits your arrival. As a tourist, you might find yourself in a bit of a turmoil whether to carry your swimwear to this tropical paradise or not. While the Maldives has certain clothing constraints, especially the one restricting bikinis in local islands, you are better off because there are ample bikini beaches in the Maldives to visit. Local laws do not permit bikinis on public beaches, making bikini beaches a tricky matter. Still, fret not because we have compiled a list of the best bikini beaches in the country that lets you flaunt your summer body donning your favourite bikini. Scroll down to read about the top bikini beaches in the Maldives and make the most out of those Instagram-worthy bikini beach spots!

Dhangethi Bikini Beach -

Overview: A hotspot for exotic marine life, the bikini beach of Dhangethi offers unparalleled ocean views. The beach is cleaner than the rest and secluded, offering you ample privacy and solitude to bask in the sun in your bikinis. 

Where: Dhangethi, Ari Atoll

How to reach: Dhangethi island lies quite far from Male at a distance of 87 kilometres. After a 90 minute journey via domestic flight and speedboat, one arrives at Dhangethi. You can hire a speedboat to Dhangethi from Malé, for a price of USD 50 per person. A ferry ride costs a little less but takes a lot more time to reach as there are no direct ferries to Dhangethi. 

Things to do: With sandy white beaches, clear blue lagoons, the Maldives is the best barefoot luxury destination. While reefs on Dhangethi Island are pretty distant from the beach itself, there are three sandbanks in proximity for you to visit. One can indulge in sea turtle snorkelling safaris which guarantees a 99% spotting of sea turtles. Also, there is a shark point and a manta point where you can dive with rays and sharks. Nearby guest houses offer more water sports like canoeing, surfing and kitesurfing.

Dhigurah Beach-

Overview: One of the Maldives' ardent spots, Dhigurah beach, is renowned for its gorgeous diving spots. This bikini beach is about five kilometres long and is apt for taking an evening stroll with your partner. 

Where: Dhigurah Island, South Ari Atoll 

How to reach: Dhigurah Island lies pretty far from Male at a distance of 97 kilometres. After a 60 minute journey via speedboat or 25-minute domestic flight on good weather leads you to Dhigurah. You can hire a speedboat to Dhigurah from Malé for a price of USD 60 per person or board a flight that costs USD 140 for adults and USD 70 for kids under 12. While a ferry costs much cheaper at USD 8 per person, the duration is longer.

Things to do: From snorkelling with whale sharks to fishing excursions, private dinners on the beach, to cooking classes, if you think about it, Dhigurah probably has it for you! One of the most ardent beaches in the Maldives that lights up countless stars at night, Dhigurah is perfect for a quick midnight dip in the warm sea and a romantic dinner by the ocean. The solitude of the island grants you privacy to relish your vacation away from prying eyes. You can swim in the calm water as the currents are not too strong. You also have kayaking and canoeing options to indulge in.

Gaafaru Bikini Beach -

Overview: An offbeat and a locally inhabited island with few tourists, Gaafaru gives you the taste of authentic Maldivian experience. There is always something to do on land and in the ocean. Catch up with some friendly locals and explore the unexplored at Gaafaru.

Where: Gaafaru Island, Kaafu Atoll 

How to reach: Gaafaru island lies at a distance of 61 kilometres north of Male. After a 90 minute journey via domestic flight and speedboat, one arrives at Gaafaru. You can grab a ferry for the price of USD 5 per person, which takes less than four hours to reach Gaafaru Island. You can also hire a speedboat to shorten the journey to 90 minutes, at the price of USD 300 per person.

Things to do: Go shipwreck hunting, swim with the sea turtles, dive for corals - there is no dearth of possibilities at Gaafaru Island! The island houses colourful aesthetic buildings lining the townscape. You can also hop on a dolphin cruise to greet the friendly creatures you will witness around. 

Maafushi Bikini Beach -

Overview: The cerulean waters, balmy sea breeze, swaying palms and white sand are bound to melt your heart! Step into the tranquil land of Maafushi. The bikini beach in Maafushi only allows entry to tourists.

Where: Maafushi, Kaafu Atoll 

How to reach: Maafushi island lies pretty close to Male at a distance of 27 kilometres. After a 30 minute journey via speedboat or 90-minute journey via ferry, one arrives at Maafushi. You can reach the property either by speedboat or ferry boat from the Velana International Airport, offering breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. The transfer costs for speedboat are USD 30-50 per adult, and for the ferry boats, USD 2 per adult.

Things to do: The beaches at Maafushi island are perfect for you to relax and unwind. While some excursions at Maafushi let you spend the entire day out at sea, island hopping and breaking for a picnic; other comprehensive excursions will take you for a dolphin-watching cruise or night fishing. Revel in a friendly beach volleyball game outdoors, lounge and sip tender coconut water by the ocean, or ride a bicycle around the island. 

Picnic Island Beach -

Overview: Picnic island beach sprawls on a private resort island and remains open between Sunday and Thursday for tourists and rest of the days for locals. For an entry fee, the beach gives you the freedom to explore the exclusive bikini beach without staying in the resort. 

Where: Kuda Bandos, North Malé Atoll

How to reach: Picnic island lies at a ten-minutes distance from Male. However, there are no direct ferries as the Malahini Kuda Bandos resort privately owns it. You take the Safari Boat offered by the resort for a price of USD 50.

Things to do: Build sandcastles on a picnic on the island. Or try your hand at parasailing, diving, snorkelling, canoeing, speed boating or driving water scooters. You have to bring your gear for snorkelling

Rasdhoo Bikini Beach -

Overview: The largest beach in the Maldives, Rasdhoo is famous for its velvety white sand and is one of the best bikini beaches to visit. Cafés, restaurants and guesthouses line the island, making it a tourist favourite. Do you need more reasons to fall in love with this whimsical beach?

Where: Rasdhoo Island, North Ari Atoll

How to reach: Rasdhoo island lies in North Ari Atoll, 60 kilometres west of Male. You can board a ferry or speedboat to Rasdhoo from Malé for a price of USD 40 per person. One can shorten the 60 minutes journey by hiring a private boat, but it costs about USD 500.

Things to do: A canopy of coconut palms adorns the beautiful Rasdhoo beach, where you can snorkel around the breathtaking corals, build sandcastles, break out for a picnic, or bask in the glorious sun. 

Good to Know -

  • The Maldives is a Muslim nation that prohibits bikini swimwear on public beaches.
  • Look out for a signboard permitting swimwear on the beaches.
  • Bikini beaches have designated areas where only tourists are allowed, so do not wander around public spaces.
  • Nudity is not permitted on public beaches. Do not go topless on the beaches, as there are no nude beaches in the country.
  • Carry a sarong and a tee if you saunter into a public beach.
  • Ask your resort if they impose any clothing restrictions so that you can choose better.

P.S. Note that all resort islands allow bikinis on beaches and it is locally inhabited islands where impositions are placed.

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