Curious About The Nightlife In The Maldives? This is for YOU!

Curious About The Nightlife In The Maldives? This is for YOU!
Date : 04 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

Imagine waking up to a wonderland of white-sand beaches, the sound of the waves drumming against the infinity pool, turquoise lagoons and breathtaking reefs. From the moment you step onto this island playground, welcoming infinite days amplified by the only music curator in the Maldives, innovative cocktails, playful guestrooms and delicious cuisines create a cutting-edge lifestyle experience.

The Maldives is famous for its stunning beaches, friendly people, relaxing spas and delicious cuisines worldwide. If you want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife this island has to offer, here is a list of our top picks while you are in the Maldives-

Moodhu Bar & Restaurant


Moodhu Bar & Restaurant in the Maldives is all about enjoying your favourite drink in the bar against the waves' sound. The bar is situated on top of the ocean with stunning views to offer. Dining has never been exciting because you are not just feasting on the food, but the ambience is very comforting. This place also welcomes you at any time of the day, so it is entirely your choice when you want to immerse yourself in this experience.



If you plan to visit the Maldives for your next trip, make sure you include visiting Subsix as a part of your itinerary. It is the ultimate partying underwater experience in the Maldives.Tourists can see each Subsix via a speedboat and descend a dramatic three-tier staircase, where they can delve into subaquatic lunches, Champagne breakfasts, gourmet dinners and glow parties illuminating the night alongside the theatre of the reef. 

15 Below

15 Below is a restaurant under the ground where visitors can plan to spend their night in a nightclub located 15 feet under the Beach. This place's main highlights are the drinks they serve, their music, and the themes that this Restaurant is decorated with. An alcove with a wine display is near the entry, and beds are placed in niches along the far wall. 

Karaoke Room – Aaaveee


In the Maldivian language, the word "aaveee" means revival and is often used to reflect a concept revived in the modern-day. If you appreciate good music and would love to spend your night singing with your partner or friends, try out the Karaoke Room in Aaaveee Nature's Paradise Resort. The place sports a unique look and is laid out with handmade chairs, and looks like a traditional Maldivian house. The Karaoke Room becomes live with guests as the sun sets, who keep the night going in the island nation. Featuring minimalistic designs, incorporating the concept of harmonizing the real Maldivian Nature with all the necessary amenities. 

Jungle Cinema – Gili Lankanfushi


The jungle cinema is an open theatre allowing you to lie down sitting under a blanket of shining stars and a gorgeous sky in a cosy environment with your partner and watch a flick of your choice. Guests can watch any experience of their choosing under the stars at Gili Lankanfushi's "jungle" cinema in the sand. For a little more privacy, cinema can be taken to the overwater bungalows for a private viewing as well. There are comfortable recliner chairs and a dining table in the company of the titillating jungle. 

Night Fishing – Bandos Beach


Made available to all guests staying in Bandos Maldives, this activity will let you experience Maldivian traditions at their best. The Excursion team of Bandos Maldives provides a memorable fishing experience when you enjoy the sunset while fishing the local way. Depending on the number of edible catches, enjoy a barbeque dinner for you at the Restaurant for a heavenly tasting.

Crab Racing – Babuna bar in Kuredu


Crab racing is an everyday entertainment activity at many Maldives Island Resorts. The staff collects tiny hermit crabs, and the visitors are asked to take a pick. Place your bet on the crab you think will be the fastest, and they're off to the race. No crabs are harmed in this activity and are taken under a wholly safe and protected environment.

Star Gazing – Maldives


Discover the secrets of a night sky in the Maldives, perhaps on a breathtaking private island where the resorts invite you to a once in a lifetime journey and the forces of nature dazzle the imagination. Immersed in Time and Wonder, stargaze through the most powerful telescopes of the world with your loved ones. Learn about the constellation and galaxies with the extraordinary experiences that enlighten a couple's romance and family adventure. Spot the rings of Saturn or the counter-rotating belts of Jupiter with your curious children.

Bar And Pub Hopping


Bar and Pubs constitute the heart and soul of a popular holiday destination. With a place as throbbing as the Maldives, bar coordinates the whole idea becomes as essential as other attractions. If you can not settle the enjoyment of a night with just one place, Bar and pub hopping is something you should do to experience the Maldives' best nightlife. Sway to the beats of retro and latest music churned out by the DJs and enjoyed traditional Maldivian dances. Choose from multiple vodkas and other drinks, glow in the dark cocktails, and grab a seat in the comfortable sofas. Rejoice every moment of your stay in the Maldives, spend some moments gazing at stars as you lie down on the soft sand bed. Do not forget to check these places out before you set foot on the archipelago.

  • Club Med Kani
  • W Retreat
  • Huvafen Fushi
  • Moodhu Bar & Restaurant
  • Babuna Bar
  • Paradise Island Resort

Glow in the Dark Beach


Glowing Beach is situated at the Vaadhoo Island, also known as the Mudhdhoo Island in Raa Atoll. The natural phenomenon occurs due to millions of phytoplanktons emitting a bright, vibrant blue light in the water, which creates this effect. The Beach is the ideal place to spend time with your loved ones after sundown in the Maldives. The best time to pay a visit to this Beach is between June and October, a perfect condition for the planktons to thrive and glow brightly. 

It is now time to start deciding which of these places you want to visit and enjoy the Maldives nightlife.

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