How to Plan A Budget-Friendly Vacation to the Maldives

Date : 02 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

Maldives is a fascinating country for independent travellers. With the government and hoteliers efforts, the last decade has been a positive sign for the hospitality industry. Guesthouses are frequently springing up on local islands, offering budget travellers an affordable way to explore the country. Independent and Budget Travel, in general, is a new era for the Maldivian economy. The Maldives' first resort opened in the 1970s, and the destination gained momentum for its expensive island retreats.

A few local options are ideal for the budget-conscious tourist out of a vast chunk of the thousand-plus islands. The most popular of these islands, Maafushi, can be reached in half an hour by speedboat from the Male international airport. It lies on the south Male atoll and has a wide range of accommodation options and food joints. For folks who want to visit the Maldives on a budget, Maafushi stands as an ideal choice.

Visit in the offseason: 

The months from November to April is considered the best time to visit the Maldives. The prices will generally be higher for most of the properties compared to their original tariffs. The peak season in the Maldives is from December to April each year. Most of the booking will be made this season to enjoy the soft sunshine on this tropical island. Folks can expect a 20% discount between the peak season and off-season.

Pre-Book your hotels and flights online: 

It is essential standard advice and a must-known for all the Holiday Packages planned for the Maldives. Tourists can check for the online cheapest flights and accommodation options, especially if you plan to stay in multiple OTA and Travel agents' resorts. One should thoroughly research and go through the review and rating and select the ones which suit your budget the most. On pre-booking individual resorts, you can expect to get great deals and offers. 

Choose All-inclusive or Half board Meal plan option: 

Opting for all-inclusive packages in the Maldives can be quite expensive if you consider staying on the beaches to enjoy water activities. The half board meal plan covers two meals, usually breakfast/ lunch or dinner and drinks at a few resorts. All-inclusive buffet breakfast and lunch can be the right choice for families. Make sure to post an enquiry about the coffee, drinks, and other unique delights included with your plan. Additionally, a few activities or excursions are usually included and keep an eye for the kid-friendly menu and places to travel with kids. 

Research and compare prices for water activities: 

The standard tip for all travellers to Maldives trip on a budget includes research and know-how to reach the islands independently. We also recommend knowing about the distance and timings required to travel between coral reefs and resorts. Tourists can enjoy few excursions via swimming, a few by ferry rides from the resorts for snorkelling or diving. There are other ways, such as boating, Sea-kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, standup paddling. You should enquire the prices from organizers and choose what suits you the best.

Keep track of the taxes and hidden costs: 

The primary factor that we usually neglect while budgeting our travel is taxes, which are always present directly or indirectly. Keep an eye on the food menu, local prices and imported drinks at the luxury resorts. You can Keep USD for general transactions on the island; even though the national currency of Maldivian Rufiyaa is used widely in the country, USD is widely used and accepted almost everywhere in the country. 

Opting for your neighbourhood Travel agency:

While planning this vacation, one of the best decisions is to consider booking your Maldives trip through a local Travel agent. These agencies know the islands incredibly well and can offer unbeatable packages to over 100 affordable Maldives resorts. One additional check is checking for their reviews/ratings on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook.

Since there's no alcohol on the islands, you don't have to worry about drinking away your budget. Here are some typical costs for the Maldives (subject to change, as of 2021):

  • Single room in a local guesthouse: $45-55 USD per night
  • Public ferry: $2-5 USD per ride
  • Airport ferry to Malé: USD 1
  • Speedboats: $25-35 USD per ride
  • Tea: $.50 USD
  • Snorkel rental: $8 USD/day
  • Diving for whale sharks: USD 200
  • Meals: $9-11 USD each
  • Buffet dinners: $15-20 USD each
  • Sandwich on Male: $4-5 USD
  • Bottle of water: $0.40-0.70 USD

Good To Know-

  • Tap water is not usually considered safe to drink. As a result, people can expect to spend MVR 7.50 on bottled water in the Maldives on average.
  • The cost of a taxi ride is significantly higher than using public transportation in the Maldives. On average, past travellers have spent MVR109 per person, per day, on local transportation in the Maldives.
  • The Maldives' average cost of a meal is MVR 207 per day, though meal prices in the Maldives can vary from island to island. An average meal can cost approx MVR 83 per person when dining out, based on previous travellers' spending habits.
  • Prices for diving excursions range between $50-USD 100 and can vary from resort to resort. It depends on various factors like whether you have your gear, boat usage, guides, etc.
  • The average hotel price in the Maldives for a couple is MVR 1,292 ($84). A trip to the Maldives for a couple extending one-week costs on average MVR 12,910 ($838).
  • Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper compared to brunch, lunch or dinner at most places. The price in sit-down restaurants in the Maldives is often higher than fast food prices or street food prices.

The Maldives conjure up images of reef-ringed atolls, luxurious bungalows and pristine beaches on the water where visitors can observe fish through glass floors and jump into the sea from their balcony. Travelling on a Maldives budget can be a great option than staying in luxury resorts, especially on a shoestring budget. When it comes to luxury resorts, each resort is built on its island, isolating you from the rest of the country. It means that visitors miss out on exploring local life.

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