Know All About Transfers via Domestic Airlines in the Maldives

Know All About Transfers via Domestic Airlines in the Maldives
Date : 10 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

Domestic aircraft transfers in the Maldives operate across a total of sixteen regional airports, that is, the local islands having an airport. The domestic flights operate on specific schedules to various regional Maldivian airports. The aircraft takes flights during nighttime and are connected via Male International Airport to all destinations. There is a lower possibility of flights from a regional airport to another region. For example, Dharavandhoo Airport to Addu Airport. However, it is possible by a private charter plane. 

Maldives domestic scheduled airline fare

On an average, the fare for share/scheduled airport transfers via a domestic aircraft ranges between USD 110 and USD 235 per adult. There is an estimated average discount of twenty per cent per way for children of one to eleven years of age. Opting for this mode of transfer in the Maldives means that you will have to wait for other passengers for the flight. 

Maldives domestic private charter airline fare

Flying via private charter flights is quite expensive. The fare ranges between USD 2100 and USD 9500, depending on the distance. The seating capacity of the aircraft is 35 to 60 passengers. Groups, VIPs, and corporate meeting events prefer this mode of transfer in the Maldives.

Things you should know before choosing domestic airline transfer in the Maldives

  • Most of the domestic aircraft do not have business class seats.
  • The airlines have set schedules and they operate according to that strictly. 
  • For transfer via a domestic airline, you may have to wait at the terminal for one to four hours. 
  • You can also check the arrival and departure along with the updated delay time (if any) on the website. 
  • From the Maldives international arrival terminal, the domestic airline terminal is only two minutes away on foot. 
  • If you have taken a domestic airline to reach your resort, then you have to take a connecting boat after landing from the domestic airport to the resort after you land.
  • Washrooms are available.
  • The Maldivian domestic airlines allow baggage of twenty kilograms free of cost. Any extra baggage is chargeable ranging from $1 to $5 depending on the location. Hand luggage of five kilograms (maximum size: 20” x 12” x 7”) and surfboards of up to seven feet are allowed.
  • The gates close 1.5 hours before the take-off time. Sometimes, the gates close one hour before.
  • The aircraft capacity is anywhere between 35 to 60 seats.
  • The popular type of domestic aircraft is Dash 8 brand.
  • The terminal has waiting seats and you can also book the lounge here. It has facilities of the cafe, ticket counters, smoking area, toilets, and Wi-Fi.

List of destinations/regional airports transfer by domestic aircraft

Male International Airport (MLE) or Velana International Airport

Male International Airport (MLE) or Velana International Airport 

1- Dharavandhoo domestic airport (DRV) Baa Atoll, runway 1189 m time 20 minutes from (MLE)

2- Maamigili or Villa international airport (VAM) South Alif Atoll Runway 1800 m Time 30 minutes from (MLE)

3- Maafaru International Airport (NMF) Noonu Atoll Runway 2200 m time 40 minutes from (MLE)

4- Maavarulu Airport (RUL) Gaaf dhaal Atoll Runway 1200 m Time 75 minutes from (MLE)

5- Funadhoo Airport (FND) Shaviyani Atoll Runway 1100 m Time 40 minutes from (MLE)

6- Ifuru airport (IFU) Raa Atoll Runway 1100 m Time 32 minutes from (MLE)

7- Thimarafushi airport (TMF) Thaa Atoll Runway 1200m Time 40 minutes from (MLE)

8- Kulhuduffushi Airport (HDK) Haa Dhaal Atoll Runway 1220 m time 48 minutes from ( MLE)

9- Hanimadhoo International Airport (HAQ) Haa Alif Atoll Runway 1220 m Time 50 minutes from (MLE)

10- Kudahuvadhoo Airport or Dhaal Airport( DDD) Dhaal Atoll Runway 1800 m time 31 minutes from (MLE)

11-Koodoo Airport (GKK) Gaafu Alif Atoll time 67 minutes from (MLE)

12-Kaadedhoo Airport (KDM) Gaafu Dhaal Atoll Runway 1220m time 73 minutes from (MLE)

13- Kadhdhoo Airport (KDO) Laamu Atoll Runway 1220 m time 45 minutes from (MLE)

14- Fuvahmulaku Airport (FVM) Ganviyani Atoll Runway 1100 m time 87 minutes from (MLE)

15- Gan International Airport (GAN) Addu or Seenu Atoll Runway 3600 m time 95 minutes from (MLE)

List of domestic aircraft operators



Owned and operated by Island Aviation Services Ltd, Maldivian is the pioneering domestic carrier of the country. It began its first regional operations on January 25, 2008 with the first flight to Trivandrum, India. Graduating from its role as the dominant domestic carrier in the Maldives, the airlines now operate frequent flights to seven domestic airports across the island nation on daily basis. The fifteenth domestic route was added to the domestic network. Formally known as Island Aviation, the carrier was re-branded in August 2008. 

The fleet of Maldivian comprises the following:

  • 1 Airbus A321 (6 business class, 194 economy class seats)
  • 1 Airbus A320 (14 business class, 138 economy class seats)
  • 2 Dash8-200 series (37 seats)
  • 8 Dash8-300 series (50 seats) 
  • 11 DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft (seaplanes- 15 seats) 

These connect Male, the capital city, from Velana International Airport to the following:

  • Hanimaadhoo International Airport (Haa Dhaalu Atoll)
  • Kulhuduffushi Airport (Haa Dhaalu Atoll)
  • Funadhoo Airport (Shaviyani Atoll)
  • Maafaru International Airport (Noonu Atoll)
  • Ifuru Airport (Raa Atoll)
  • Dharavandhoo Airport (Baa Atoll)
  • Kudahuvadhoo Airport (Dhaalu Atoll)
  • Thimarafushi Airport (Thaa Atoll), Koodoo Airport (Gaafu Alifu Atoll)
  • Kaadedhdhoo Airport (Gaaf Dhaalu Atoll)
  • Maavarulu Airport (Gaaf Dhaalu Atoll)
  • Kadhdhoo Airport (Laamu Atoll)
  • Fuvahmulak Airport (Gnaviyani Atoll) 
  • Gan International Airport (Addu Atoll)

Along with these, Maldivian also flies daily to Thiruvananthapuram.



It is a privately owned company with three aircraft that fly mainly to Baa Dharavandhoo Airport and Maamigili international airport. It began its operations in 2011 with ATR 42-500, ATR 72-600, and ATR 72-500 type aircraft. It provides services to South Ari Atoll, Baa Atoll resorts, as well as local islands.

Manta Air

Manta Air

The newest domestic airline, Manta Air operates to two destinations in the Maldives- Kudahuvadhoo Airport and Dharavandhoo Airport. It is the first premium service base aircraft in the country. With additional legroom, the seats provide total comfort. 

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