Know All about Transfers via Speedboats in the Maldives

Know All about Transfers via Speedboats in the Maldives
Date : 10 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

It is very important that you book all your transfers in the Maldives in advance. It is crucial that pre-arrangements must have been done by you so that you can whisk away to your chosen vacation island, whether it is a resort or a local island. At the airport, you will not find any facility for booking transfers. Organising your transfers in the Maldives after reaching here is simply not an option. In order to avoid any unwanted airport delays or unnecessary nights in transit, make sure that you have booked your Maldives transfers well in advance.

Choosing speedboats for the transfers in the island nation is a great idea! For travelling to your resort island, you can opt for a speedboat, which is fast as well as pocket-friendly. The ticket fare will depend on factors like your resort’s distance from the international airport, your holiday budget, etc. You should know that if you are staying on a resort island, then the transfers will come at an additional expense. There are no speedboats available from the airport for your destination. Therefore, you have to book the resort’s own private speedboat.

You can take Maldives speedboat transfers if your chosen resort is close to Male Airport. A representative from the resort will meet you when you arrive in the Maldives at the arrival hall of the airport. He will take you to the awaiting resort speedboat. Make sure you make this booking with your resort in advance as you will not find any alternative at the airport. 

Transfer via speedboats is the most popular mode on the island for commuting to guesthouses and local island hotels. Bigger resorts and hotels have their own private speedboats. Their representatives greet guests upon arrival at Male airport. However, there are many guesthouses that rely on the local island’s public speedboats for transferring guests to/from the airport. These Maldivian speedboats operate on a daily schedule. You should pre-book your tickets as the demand from passengers is pretty high. Contact your resort to make the transfer bookings for you in advance. In comparison with private speedboats, local island speedboat transfers in the Maldives are much more cost-effective. The ticket price for Maldives speedboat transfers starts from $25 per person for one way on a public boat. On the other hand, transfers via private speedboats cost hundreds of dollars for a one-way short journey. It would be great if you act like a responsible and environment-conscious traveller, and choose to travel via public local island speedboats wherever possible. Moreover, private speedboats are not available from Velana International Airport to a resort island.

Speedboats in the Maldives

There are different types of speedboats for transfers in the Maldives. Some of them are as follows:

  • 48 Gulf Craft (50-seater)
  • 38 Gulf Craft (30-seater)
  • 36 Gulf Craft (18-seater)
  • 15-seater speed boat
  • 10-seater speed boat
  • 8-seater speed boat

Utility Series (passenger and custom build)

The Touring boat range is one of the Gulf Craft’s most successful model ranges. It serves needs of the passenger transportation. This boat range comprises Touring 36 and Touring 40. These crafts serve as charter vessels across the UAE, Oman, Maldives, Africa, and Middle East region. 

Speedboats Tour in the Maldives

Technical details:

  • Speed: 33Kn to 55Kn/hour
  • Capacity: 22 to 36 passengers 
  • Fuel: Petrol and diesel
  • Price: 1 knm - 135/-

Most of the transfers in the Maldives are manages by themselves. Transfers via speedboats are arranged by your hotel based on the time of your arrival and departure time. Private own parties organise local island transfers via speedboat. These operate during daytime hours. Their schedule varies for each location and you should refer to the timetable of your final destination island. Time taken to reach your selected resort via a speedboat depends on its location. These transfers can take anywhere between ten minutes to three hours.

The transfer departure point for speedboats is just outside the arrival hall of the airport. Travelling via a speedboat is in itself a fun-filled experience. As it roars over the azure waters of the Maldives, you can feel the tropical breeze brushing against your hair, the sunshine on your face, and the salt on your lips. Commuting via these boats is a comfortable and adventurous journey. For a scheduled speedboat, the price starts from USD 30 per head per way, whereas for a private speedboat, the price starts from USD twelve per nautical mile.

Whether you are on a honeymoon in the Maldives, holidaying with your family members or friends, or are on a solo trip, getting transferred via speedboats is a great option to discover the island. You can explore lovely spots like the sand band, Robinson Island, or any other place that you want. You can reach any private island and enjoy enthralling activities like snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, and many more.

Speedboats Tour Packages in the Maldives

A speedboat is the best option for getting around in the Maldives for short hops. Due to the Maldivian geography and its nearly 1200 islands, some of them are connected to each other by causeways. To transfer their guests from Male Airport, the resorts in North and South Male Atoll, along with a few in North and South Ari, Vaavu and Faafu atolls use speedboats. The journey costs anything between US$80 to US$450 depending on the distance.

If you are an independent traveller, then you can choose to commute via a regular private speedboat from Velana International Airport or Male to islands that are inhabited. This is relatively a new trend. Majorly focused on travellers and wealthy locals, these services are ideal for those willing to commute between atolls fast. The journey time for many islands is cut by two-thirds or even more. Between both Male and Velana International Airport, there are daily services. The speedboat services are also for so many inhabited islands in North and South Male Atoll, North and South Ari Atoll, Vaavu Atoll, and Faafu Atoll. Private companies provide these transfer services and you can check their timetables online.

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