The Ultimate Guide to a Beach Wedding in the Maldives

The Ultimate Guide to a Beach Wedding in the Maldives
Date : 05 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

There are destination weddings, and then there are beach weddings in the Maldives!

Whenever someone talks about having a destination wedding, the idea of a beach wedding in the Maldives sits at the top spot. We all know why is that. Owing to sugary san beach surrounded by tall, green palm trees, fresh orchids, and the gorgeous background of the dazzling Indian Ocean, the island nation is counted among the most idyllic destinations in the world. Along with natural beauty and easy accessibility, there are various other factors as well that make the Maldives the perfect place for your D-Day. There is a great possibility that organising your big day here can be a lot simpler and smoother than planning it back in your home country. 

If you are also drawn towards the idea of tying the knot in this tropical paradise, then this blog presents everything that you need to know for planning the best day of your life.

Your personal wedding planner


If you are getting married at a Maldivian resort, then you will get your own personal wedding planner, unlike having a wedding back home. He/she will help you in planning everything including invitation cards, flowers, photographer, food, decoration, etc. If you choose to get married grand style, then you may have your own team of experts to assist you and turn your dream into reality. The best resorts in the Maldives have a team of professional wedding planners who are highly experienced in putting together dreamy destination weddings. With them, you don’t have to worry at all. You can contact them via email, phone call, message, or Skype call, to discuss your vision for your beach wedding. The cherry on the cake, discussions with these planners are included in the cost of your Maldives beach wedding package.

Legalities of Maldives wedding


You may get shocked to know that a wedding in the Maldives is not legally binding for non-residents. As a result, many couples either get married in the home country prior to their wedding in the Maldives (which they treat as a ceremonial wedding), or they do it the other way around by first having the celebration in the Maldives and then get legally married back in their home country. Both these options are equally good and you can select any one as per your preference. It is also the perfect excuse to celebrate your big day twice! You don’t need any kind of legal documentation to have a blessing ceremony in the Maldives.

Wedding locations in the Maldives


Being an amazingly stunning destination, the Maldives has a number of locations where you can get married. But the number one spot to tie the knot is on the beach. The wedding planners of the resort can set up a lovely gazebo covered with fresh flowers and palm leaves. For having a beach wedding in the Maldives, you should take into consideration the time of the year that you select for your ceremony.

High and low are the two seasons in the Maldives. Rainfall is more common during the low season. Thus, go for the high season if you want a sunny beach wedding on the island. Before booking anything, have a look at the Maldives weather guide to know the details about average monthly temperatures, rainfall, and sunshine. You should also decide about the time of the day you want to get married. The sunrays are strong during midday and it may not be comfortable for guests to sit outside because of the extreme heat. If you choose to get married just before the sunset, the weather is pleasant at that time and also you get the incredible peachy sky as a backdrop.

Monthly weather guide of the Maldives


The Maldives is known for a tropical and pleasant climate throughout the year. However, it has two main seasons- high season (from December to March) and low season (from April to November).

Expect a lot of sunshine during the high season, which is also known as the dry season. You should book your beach wedding in February if you want to enjoy the maximum hours of sunshine. Be ready to pay much higher rates for your wedding package in case you choose to go to the Maldives in the high season.

Expect rain showers, sometimes on a daily basis, during the low season in the Maldives. However, these are not heavy and often stop quickly. You can save a huge amount of money if you choose to have your beach wedding in the low season. Sometimes, you can save up to as much as 50 per cent! Isn’t that great?

Check out the details of monthly weather, monthly temperatures, and average hours of rainfall and sunshine before fixing your wedding day in the Maldives. By doing this, you will be able to save yourself from a lot of hassle. 

Wedding ceremony options in the Maldives 


You can be as creative or as traditional as you want when it comes to the actual wedding ceremony in the Maldives. If you pick the traditional style wedding, then have someone to bless both of you and go through the vows as you would back in your home country. On the contrary, since you are in the Maldives, you can also choose to incorporate the Maldivian culture in your wedding celebration. Traditional weddings on the island are highly vibrant. The major highlight is a large procession of locals playing drums called bodu beru. Dressed in traditional Maldivian clothing, these drummers play the drums as the couple walks down the aisle. So if you are willing to bring in some Maldivian culture to your big day, then this would be a memorable addition to your ceremony as it would add a lovely atmosphere. There are many resorts here that offer beach wedding packages that include bodu beru drums.

How to reach the Maldives?


Getting to the Maldives is easy as well as affordable. You need to fly to the main international airport that is located on the island of Hulhule. There are many flights that offer direct flights to this airport. You can also choose to have a stopover on your way back for your honeymoon. Dubai, for instance, is a popular destination on the way home. Thus, you can choose to break the monotony of your beachy honeymoon by giving yourself a city break.

You need to either get a speedboat or a seaplane to reach your resort once you arrive at the international airport of the Maldives. All you need to do is provide your flight details to your resort’s concierge. He will plan and organise everything for you. You should be aware that sometimes, the cost of a seaplane journey can be the same as an international flight. Make sure that your guests know about this well in advance. You can also choose to hire private seaplane flights if you have a huge group of guests traveling to the Maldives to be at your wedding ceremony. These flights will be just for your group. Seaplane flights operate during daylight hours only. So if someone arrives after dark, then he/she will have to stay for a night on the main island. They can get a seaplane flight in the morning. 

How much does a beach wedding in the Maldives cost?


The average cost of getting married in the US is as much as $33,000! You can expect to pay double that price if you get married in Manhattan. The Maldives is not known as a low-cost destination but you will be able to avail great value wedding packages. Beach wedding packages in the Maldives start from nearly $500 and can run up to thousands of dollars.

The biggest benefit of having your wedding ceremony in the Maldives is that you are already at a great honeymoon destination. Therefore, you don’t have to pay extra money for flights to get to another destination. A wedding and honeymoon combo in the Maldives is quite an affordable affair, to be honest. The resorts here offer wedding packages that often include everything that is needed, such as flowers, photographer, makeup professional, food, drinks, music, and a lot more. If you want, then you can also add a few optional extras for your wedding like romantic beach candlelight dinner, couple massages, canapés, sunset cruises, drummers, etc. 

Best Maldives Beach Wedding Packages


Wedding packages at the Conrad Maldives- If you want a grand scale, luxurious wedding and are willing to spend more, then you should consider the wedding package on off at the Conrad Maldives. Located on Rangali Island, this picture-perfect five-star resort is famous for having the best marine life in the Maldives. The offered wedding packages include everything that is required for a dreamlike and magical ceremony with a tropical twist. You will get incredible decorations, a flower arch or gazebo, bouquet, groom corsage, photographer, music, couple spa treatment, welcome drinks, hairstylist, and makeup artist for two.

Here, you can choose to have your wedding at an extremely romantic beach setting or under the water in the world’s only undersea chapel. Positioned five meters underwater, you can say ‘I do’ amidst sharks, turtles and a whole array of tropical fish. Thus, it is different from other wedding venues for sure! The Conrad Maldives offers different wedding packages that include access to an on-site wedding coordinator as well.

Wedding Packages at One and Only Reethi Rah- It is popular as a celeb-hotspot and is the best place to host your wedding ceremony if you prefer ultra-glam yet chic island vibes along with the best services on the island. 

One and Only Reethi Rah describes its weddings as, “Grand yet intimate. Lavish yet understated. From beachside soirees to moonlit celebrations, celebrations of dazzling perfection.”

The ‘Legendary Sunset Package’ offered by One and Only Reethi Rah includes access to a dedicated celebration specialist. They are responsible for arranging a lovely ceremony decorated with fresh orchids. The package is inclusive of a bridal bouquet, a flower buttonhole for the groom, a floral head facepiece, floral confetti, a wedding cake, and a newlywed golf buggy complete with flower decorations. A candlelit dinner in the main Reethi Restaurant is the highlight of its package. Personalised wedding stationery including menus and name places can also be created by them. They also make arrangements for bodu bera drummers and dancers, videographer and photographer. 

A beach wedding in the Maldives may actually be more affordable than what you have imagined. You will find planning a Maldives wedding to be very smooth when a professional wedding planner is there with you for your assistance. Stop wasting your time looking for the perfect venue for a destination wedding. The stress is over! Look no further than the Maldives. This paradise is the best for your beach wedding. The island nation has emerged as one of the hottest spots in the world. It is growing at a rapid rate with a number of lavish resorts and restaurants. There is a lot to explore in this part of the Indian Ocean. 

You can have everything you need for your Maldivian beach wedding. The views are amazing here! The food and services are amazing at all resorts here. The wedding planners are highly professional here and they are capable of customising everything as per your wish and budget. Every couple dreams of getting married with a mesmerising ocean backdrop. Owing to the natural beauty of its pristine beaches, the Maldives is a great choice among sweethearts. This kind of destination wedding will be an unforgettable experience for your guests as well who have come across from different parts of the world to be present on your big day. 

Are you ready to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life in the grandest manner? If yes, then a beach wedding in the Maldives is the best way to do so. Such a ceremony will be a lifetime of magic for everyone! 

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