Thinking of Getting Married in the Maldives? Keep These Things in Mind

Thinking of Getting Married in the Maldives? Keep These Things in Mind
Date : 15 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

The Maldives is an ideal destination for couples who want to have a fairytale wedding at an exotic destination. Getting hitched in the archipelago is the perfect idea for those who are looking to have a lifetime of magic. Imagine how lovely your wedding photographs will be that are clicked amidst gorgeous beaches, palm trees, corals, and sand. It is a great place for an intimate destination wedding. Even your family members and friends would love the idea of you tying the knot there.

In this blog, we present the most important considerations that should be kept in mind while thinking about having a destination wedding in the Maldives.

Legal requirements for marrying in the Maldives

You should understand up-to-date legal requirements before you plan your wedding in the Maldives. For this, contact the Maldivian embassy in your home country or your country’s embassy in the Maldives to avoid any confusion.

The island nation has a huge wedding industry. However, the destination weddings held there only have ceremonial importance as the marriage of non-residents is not legally approved by its government. Therefore, you can have wedding functions there and take care of the legal part of your wedding ceremonies in your home country.

 Wedding in the Maldives

Wedding costs and currency

Divided into 100 Laari, the currency of the Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR). If you are going to spend all your time at your resort, then you don’t need to get your currency exchanged as the resorts here charge in US dollars and the accepted payment mode is hard currency and credit card.

The archipelago is an expensive destination due to limited transport facilities and budget accommodations. Resorts usually charge nearly USD 1000 per week per couple for food, drinks, and excursions. Airfare, stay, ten per cent service charge, and tips are excluded.

Visa information

Everyone is entitled to a free 30-day visa on arrival. You just need to have valid travel documents that include a ticket out, proof of sufficient funds, confirmed stay in any resort or cash of US$100 + $50 per day. You can extend your tenure in Male by up to 90 days provided that you have a confirmed reservation for that long.

Weather conditions

he Maldives has mainly two seasons- the wet season (southwest monsoon) and the dry season (northeast monsoon). The wet season extends from mid-May to November end and the dry season extends from January to March. Between the two seasons, April and December are considered to be transitional periods. Throughout the year, the temperature is almost constant at 3o degree Celsius. The rainy season is between June and August. It increases noticeably during the southwest monsoon. While planning a destination wedding in the Maldives, skip the rainy season. Except that, other months are perfect as the temperature is steady and the weather is pleasant.

Reaching there

Reaching the Maldives is very easy. There are flights available from almost all parts of the world. In case you have finally decided that you are going to get hitched on this wonderful paradise, then booking tickets in advance would be great. There are chances that you may get discounts on the airfare. To commute locally, there are ferries, speedboats, and seaplanes to travel.

 Wedding Cost in the Maldives

Culture and etiquette

When you meet a local for the first time in the Maldives, a handshake is the most common form of greeting accompanied by the Arabic expression – As-salamu alaykum. Most people here generally don’t engage in physical contact, thus a slight bow or a single nod is also fine. When meeting a local woman here, before attempting to shake hand with her, make sure that you let her offer her hand first. Locals, who are not involved in the tourist industry here, do not mix with the travellers. Maintaining absolute privacy, they prefer living in isolated island communities.

The resort islands are quite relaxed and you can wear casual dresses here. But you cannot wear beachwear in the restaurants on resort islands or even far from the resorts. The staff will immediately ask you to cover up your body if you enter a restaurant in a bikini, sarong made from transparent fabric, or see-through cover-ups. Moreover, topless sunbathing is against the law here.

Whether it is the capital city or any island, your attire should be modest wherever you travel in the Maldives. You should at least cover your shoulders and thighs. If you are visiting a mosque, then ensure that your entire body is covered till your legs. Only the neck and face can be left uncovered.

All your luggage will be scanned upon arrival in the Maldives. Importing, porn, alcohol, and pork here is forbidden. Moreover, you cannot take away sand, seashells, or corals with you as that is also not allowed there.

Food and drinks

The traditional cuisine of the Maldives comprises rice, a clear fish broth called garudhiya, and side dishes of lime, chili, and onions. Known as riha, curries are very popular here. Roshi, an unleavened bread just like Indian roti, usually supplements rice. Papadhu, like crispy Indian poppadums, is also very common here.

Fish is an important part of Maldivian cuisine as it is an island nation. Tuna (kandu mas) is a staple here. The cuisine here is spicy, hot, and coconut flavored. As a majority of Maldivians are Muslims, pork is banned here. For the local population, alcohol is banned. However, resorts have permission to serve alcohol with a steep markup. It is only at the Hulhule Island Hotel near Male, most commonly known as HIH or the airport hotel, where people can drink alcohol. And if you see any Maldivian drinking alcohol, then do not film or photograph them. Check with the management of the resort whether the tap water is drinkable or not as it is usually not the case. The bottled water is excessively priced. One bottle costs USD 5. Also, there is a service charge of ten per cent added to everything.

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