Top 10 Maldives Resorts for Solo Travelers

Top 10 Maldives Resorts for Solo Travelers
Date : 16 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

Who says vacationing in the splendid beauty of the Maldives is only for honeymooners or other married couples? This is just a myth! The overflowing natural charm of the island nation is for everyone. Anyone can go there and have a blast. Even if you want to explore the archipelago on your own, unaccompanied, then you can do so by all means. There are solo travellers from all parts of the world who travel to this paradise on Earth to see what it is like to experience immense luxury at such an exotic destination!

Here are the top ten resorts in the Maldives where you can stay if you are travelling alone.


  1. Joali

    An ideal resort for staying if you are exploring the Maldives on your own, Joali is a unique accommodation that was built by the well-known Istanbul-based design studio Autoban. The resort has beautifully curated overwater and beach villas. Here, you will see locally hand-carved wood panels, bamboo-slatted headboards, rose-gold bathroom taps looking like huge pebbles, and a lot more. You will find heron-and-palm-leaf printed kimonos by Ardmore as well as extremely soft slippers in your dressing room. It is the hybrid of the best that the archipelago has to offer. Visit Mura Bar in the evening to enjoy a refreshing martini, a shisha pipe, and a buttermilk-chicken slider. Enjoy a delectable dinner at the Japanese restaurant Saoke. At Joali, experience solid luxury and total comfort amidst the natural charm of the island. For a perfect solo trip in the Maldives, staying at this resort would be a great idea.

    Number of villas: 73

    Transfer time: a 45-minute seaplane from Malé

    Address: Joali, Muravandhoo Island Raa Atoll, Maldives

  2. Milaidhoo Island Maldives

    If you want to completely cut off from the outer world, then staying at this Maldivian resort is all that you need. Here, you can experience the joys of getting back to basics. A fresh contemporary twist is given by Milaidhoo to the classic Maldivian island style. The 50 villas are perfect to pamper you in the best way. These intricately designed villas, displaying great panache and charm, are located amidst vivid blue water and greenery. You can get around the island on foot as it is a tiny one. Thus, you can enjoy the barefoot luxury here.

    Located in Baa Atoll, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the resort is an ideal place for spotting manta rays, which are present in abundance here. You can go for snorkeling, sailing, or scuba diving with a resident marine biologist if you love adventure. The experience would be life-transforming, the kind that can change your entire perception attitude towards the marine world. Ba’theli, the renowned restaurant, makes use of three cleverly interlinked dhonis for serving Maldivian and trade-route-inspired dishes. Have you seen anything like that before? The Deep Sleep Mood Menu is also intriguing. You can enjoy your dinner on a lovely candlelit terrace. You can also cherish a spa treatment, meditation session, and herb-infused bath. A glass of warm milk can also be arranged if you want.

    Number of villas: 50

    Transfer time: a half an hour seaplane from Malé

    Address: Milaidhoo Island Maldives, 1 Milaidhoo Island, Maldives

  3. Hurawalhi Island Resort

    Stay at this resort if you are a marine aficionado as it has the biggest underwater restaurant in the Maldives. You will get awestruck by the wonders on both sides of the glass. Surrounded by around 50 outstanding diving sites, Hurawalhi is the place where you can easily spot manta rays. The spectacle of marine creatures is outstanding here. Uncomplicated and compact, the 90 villas are distinguished by their position and the absence or presence of a private pool. The bars and restaurants are airy spaces and have high ceilings. The unpretentious design is perked up with discreet touches highlighted in table-tops in a mosaic of wood, etc. There are transparent panels on the floor so that you can spot fish from above. The menu and the views at the underwater restaurant are extraordinary. Tuna carpaccio with pickled daikon, yuzu gel, and shiso is a must-try! Curated by managing partner Lars Petre (a famous entrepreneur and hotelier in the Maldives), there is an amazingly stocked wine cellar that is an alluring temptation. At the resort, there is an inspiring dive team that will help you in trying your hand at various enthralling water adventure activities.

    Number of villas: 90

    Transfer time: a 40-minute seaplane from Malé

    Address: Hurawalhi Island Resort, Huruvalhi, Maldives

  4. Ayada

    Only 30 kilometers north of the Equator, Ayada is located on the southern rim of the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in the Maldives. While exploring the whole island by walking or cycling, more and more natural surprises will keep on popping up. There are six restaurants where you can try authentic Maldivian cuisine. Also, enjoy a glass of wine along with cheese by the beachside. You have to spend some time at the Ottoman Lounge and enjoy a coffee with a Turkish delight and a shisha pipe. The villas reflect the Middle Eastern mood- a flounce of Turkish fabric on your bed, a filigree lampshade, a joss-stick, etc. There is also a Turkish bath in its modern spa. There is not a single speck of light pollution in the inky night sky. During the day, go for snorkeling with whale sharks or surfing.

    Number of villas: 62 beach villas, 50 overwater villas

    Transfer time: A 55-minute flight from Malé to Kaadedhdhoo. After that, a 45-minute ride by speedboat.

    Address: Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll Maguhdhuvaa Island, Maldives

  5. Six Senses Laamu

    If you are an eco-conscious solo traveller, then Six Senses Lamu is where you should be holidaying in the Maldives. It is famous for seeing gorgeous sunsets. You can also go for catamaran sailing and paddleboarding along with house-reef snorkeling and usual boating. Amidst all this going on, you will not even notice that there isn’t a single pool on the island owing to its eco-agenda. The use of air-con is discouraged here. Other initiatives include wooden slats in the walls for catching the breeze at night, thatched roofs suspended low for providing shade, beds draped in gauzy white canopies, etc. The twig pencils on your desk are sourced responsibly. To take care of your total comfort, there is a 100-plus cocktail menu at the bar, a sushi restaurant, a cheese-and-wine tower, and so much more to keep the vibe more laidback than other flashy Maldivian resorts. And in its spa, relax at a thatched, nest-like pod for hours.

    Number of villas: 72 overwater, 25 beach

    Transfer time: 35 minutes from Malé by seaplane. And then, fifteen minutes by boat.

    Address: Laamu Atoll 15090, Maldives

  6. Cheval Blanc Randheli

    If you are fascinated by architecture, then you will be intrigued by this resort. Cheval Blanc Randheli was designed by Jean-Michel Gathy, who also created One&Only Reethi Rah. The detailing is superb with the cathedral-roofed template in beach villas. The resort is so chic with the presence of the following:

    • Square, slate-lined pool

    • Insouciant little armless sofas

    • White bicycles for getting around

    • De Havilland seaplane bobbing in the water

    • Taupe espadrilles in the villas’ dressing rooms

    • Vincent Beaurin lemon-yellow sand-disc artwork

    You can reach the Guerlain spa via a dhoni. Its exquisitely woven rattan ceiling is a sight to behold. The resort is counted among the most sensational new resorts in the Maldives. Pamper yourself with a wholesome breakfast on the terrace comprising molten-centered brownies, a cup of a refreshing café latte, and doll-sized mouthfuls. However, there may be some things that you will not like. For example, for opening the front door of the villa from inside, you have to press a switch.

    Number of villas: 45

    Transfer time: 40 minutes by seaplane from Malé

    Address: Noonu Atoll Republic of Maldives, Maldives

  7. Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru

    If you want to have a completely relaxing vacation in the Maldives, then stay at this resort for the ultimate spa experience. When vacationing in this archipelago, remoteness is the most important aspect. You would not want to stay at a resort that is too close to Male as you will be able to see the high-rise skyline that definitely doesn’t give tropical vibes. From other resorts, you may be able to look at other neighboring resorts on another island. So again, there will not be total seclusion. But that’s not the problem with Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru, which is a glorious, isolated property. A former coconut plantation, the villas here are huge enough and designed for privacy. The food here is known to be very tasty. Try Lebanese mezze at Al Barakat. And the spa here is extremely incredible. It offers its guests the most meaningful experience at overwater treatment rooms and a shady Ayurvedic area where prayerful therapists from Indonesia relax you. Its 14- or 21-day panchakarma cleanse takes off your pounds noticeably. Run by a team of biologists, there is a Marine Discovery Centre on the island. The major focus is manta ray research. You are sure to get wonderstruck after the secrets of the marine world are revealed to you while snorkeling or scuba diving.

    Number of villas: 103

    Transfer time: Half an hour by seaplane from Malé

    Address: Baa Atoll, Maldives

  8. Coco Prive Kuda Hithi

    Unbelievably beautiful, Coco Privé Kuda Hithi is available for private hire only. Earlier, it was a boutique hotel. There is an enormous master suite in the island’s main building. Five other villas are also there. Its stunning architecture features massive expanses of glass, natural materials, and organic shapes for echoing the peaceful surroundings. The attention to detail is phenomenal. Would you believe it if we tell you that the whole place is repainted between every stay! The chef is brilliant and will cook anything for you at your own kitchen. You can ask for anything including baked red snapper in aromatic herbs, banana fritters with sweet crêpes in caramel, etc. Relax at the sun-bleached decking and take a stroll in the mini jungle where you can witness red flowers burst, wicker baubles dangle, resident fruit bats, and a lot more. In addition to all this, the team of experts monitors the reef.

    Number of villas: Six

    Transfer time: 30-40 minutes by speedboat from Malé

    Address: Kuda Hithi Island, Kuda Hithi 20079, Maldives

  9. One&Only Reethi Rah

    This plush resort is known for its glamour quotient. Guests staying here especially dress up for dinner, breakfast, lunch, and even dive school. This hugely successful hotel has a total of twelve private beaches. The super-smart stone baths are designed for two and when you are on a solo trip, you can have double the fun. At its Zen spa, you can detox fully. Its teen zone has ping-pong tables and different water sports. You will also find a cookery school there. Its overwater villas have pools but still, the beach pool villas are the best. They are immensely grand with shoe space and wardrobe to match.

    Number of villas: 122

    Transfer time: Fifteen minutes by seaplane or 45 minutes from Malé by yacht

    Address: Reethi Rah, North Malé Atoll, Malé 08440, Maldives

  10. Velaa Private Island

    Best for state-of-the-art facilities, this private island is counted among the most expensive resorts in the Maldives. Czech billionaire Jiri Smejc owns this place that is popular for the following:

    • An ocean-view sauna

    • Ultra-modern framework

    • Snow room and snooze pod

    • A spa with experienced therapists

    • A nine-hole golf course; tennis and squash courts

    • A three-storey wine tower with a 6,000-bottle, £970,000 inventory

    • An overwater, open-kitchen restaurant, and champagne lounge with a Sri Lankan chef

    You can see a little retro theme going on at some places. For instance, suede-effect giant-weave cushions, three massive vases, the hanging chair, patchwork carpets, etc. The outdoor bathrooms of the resort are splendid. A lesser-known fact about this resort is that when it was opened in December 2013, Saudi’s crown prince was among the first guests to stay here.

    Number of villas: 47

    Transfer time: 50 minutes by seaplane from Malé

    Address: Noonu Atoll, Maldives

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