Top 10 Water Sports in Maldives For That Adrenaline Rush

Top 10 Water Sports in Maldives For That Adrenaline Rush
Date : 04 Mar 2021
Categories: Maldives Islands

The Maldives is well-known for its tropical vibes and offers a vast array of water-based activities for more adrenaline fix. Make memories that you can cherish lifelong with romantic dinners on the beach, private barbecues in the villa, and romantic escapades to a deserted island during your stay. Set out on excursions to other islands, explore the season catamaran, canoes or stand-up paddleboards. Enjoy beach parties, windsurfing, jet-skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

You can be a part of many water sports, ranging from scuba diving, snorkelling, kneeboarding, wakeboarding and the likes. Many of the larger Maldives resorts have their own water-sports centre, which comes fully equipped with a vast range of equipment that you can hire for an under or over-water adventure. If you're thinking of booking an all-inclusive Maldives resort, many of these activities are often included in the package price. The Maldives is an excellent destination for tourists to indulge in water sports of their choice. Given below is a list of them in the Maldives that you must try-

Banana Boating


In this ride, a banana-shaped boat at high speed takes the visitors to various places and is an enjoyable activity with your family and your loved ones to make memories. Banana boats are tied to a speed boat for acceleration, and the tube is attached to a boat for avoiding sudden splashes. The banana ride is best for the non-swimmers and is among the Maldives' most popular water sports activities. Before boarding the banana ride, tourists are given a proper brief to ensure safety and comfort.

Best time: April - October

Swimming proficiency: Not Needed

Average cost: $60 – $90 per person

Duration: 20-25 minutes

Catamaran sailing 


Tourists are taken on sailboats that offer luxury, complete privacy and a spectacular panorama of the island nation. Carefully designed to exceed the expectations of folks passionate about the sea, catamaran sailing represents the pinnacle of design and incorporates the latest in industry technologies. Create timeless memories as you experience a spectacular destination in a catamaran with remarkable spaces and excellent comfort levels.

Best time: November - April

Swimming proficiency: Not Needed

Average cost: $60 – $90 per person

Duration: Sixty Minutes



Game Fishing is a form of recreational activity for leisure and adventure purposes. The anglers love the sport for the sheer thrill it offers, which involves catch and release to build awareness of these species. Game Fishing in the Maldives also provides a learning opportunity. The activity is an adventurous and competitive sport involving various skills and learning about multiple species and the importance of their conversation. Fishing in the Maldives can be relaxing and rewarding. Often tourists are allowed to keep the fish they catch.

Best time: November - March

Swimming proficiency: Not Needed

Average cost: $80 – $100 per person

Duration: One hour



Flyboarding is an extreme sport that enables the participant to shoot up into the air and zoom over the waves. The board is connected via a jetski to the fly board strapped to the user's feet. The power is controlled by a certified instructor on the accompanying jet ski. You can go up to 50 feet in the air or dive beneath the surface. It is quite simple to learn how to use it. If properly trained, most people pick up how to operate one in 5 minutes or less. In less than half an hour, 

Best time: April- October

Location: Lhaviyani Atoll, Maafushi Island

Swimming proficiency: Not Needed

Average cost: USD 150 per person

Duration: 30-minute for a starter lesson

Fun tube


Tube riding can be an excellent choice for a not too demanding yet adrenaline-filled fun sea experience for you. The sport makes for great memories for holiday experiences. It does not require significant skills or strenuous efforts to ride by a speedy watercraft as an inflatable vessel.

Best time: April to October

Swimming proficiency: Not Needed

Average cost: USD 70 per person

Duration: 20 minutes



It is often received very well by travellers worldwide and is one of the most popular adventure sports in the Maldives. Kayaks came into existence thousands of years ago by the Inuit, who used animal skin and driftwood for its construction at the time. Paddle a Kayak and sail through the azure waters, ideal for travellers who come for group vacations with family and friends. If you love the experience of traditional boat riding, you must opt for Kayaking. If you are at a resort, a kayak is issued free of charge. Using a kayak to move across the azure waters on a double-bladed paddle can accommodate five people in a Kayak. A close encounter with the oceanic waves while sailing through the sea can add-on to spice up your relationship with your partner in a unique style.

Best time: April - October

Location: Renting facilities available on most beaches in the Maldives

Swimming proficiency: Preferred

Average cost: $10 – $50 per person



A surfing escapade is what makes every beach holiday worthwhile; surf points are long and hollow in the Maldives. Tourists take in the waves by storm as they soak in Maldives' glory when they try stand-up paddling and then take up surfing. Having decent fitness levels will also ensure you have more time in the water, so prior training is advised to the enthusiasts. Bring your gear if possible, as most of the time, you will be surfing waves in the range of 2-4 feet.

Best time: April to October

Swimming proficiency: Required

Average cost: USD 130 per person

Duration: Two hours



Ride the wakeboard behind with music to add to your memorable experience in the Maldives, whizzing through the tranquil and turquoise lagoons. Bump into the waves of the warm water, and feel the adrenaline rush as you learn and master various tricks. Tourists can try wakeboarding as long as they have a good sense of the centre of gravity for maintaining balance on their boards. 

Best time: April to October

Location: Malé, Hulumalé and Ari Atoll

Swimming proficiency: Required

Average cost: $ 70 per person

Duration: 30 minutes- 60 minutes



Perfect for visitors taking up sports that are easy to learn, kneeboarding is a sport where you kneel onboard over the ocean. You are also closer to the water than compared to other activities, reducing the impact surrounding a fall. Kandima and Six Senses Laamu are some of the resorts that offer this activity to their clients.

Best time: March to October

Location: Malé, Hulumalé and Kaafu Atoll

Average cost: $40 per person

Duration: 10 minutes -30 minutes 



Unique to the Maldives, these underwater scooters allow tourists to explore the deep ocean in a motorized scooter's comfort. This scooter has a bubble that helps tourists keep their heads dry underwater. These are created to provide the scuba diving experience without the rigours required in a diving experience. A rider can experience exciting underwater vistas travelling at minimum speeds.

Best time: December to March

Location: Maafushi Island, Malé, Hulumalé and Baa Atoll

Swimming proficiency: Not Needed

Average cost: $180 per person

Duration: One hour

Discover the colourful marine life, Kick-off your shoes and get closer to nature. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised and be part of some of the most thrilling adventures of your lifetime. If this is your first time holiday in the Maldives, head over to the water sports arena and not be afraid to get splashed.

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